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United Leather Theater Seating

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I'm looking for a competitive reseller for United Leather Theater Seating. i live in DFW area. Any leads?
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Any links? I'm in the DFW area, but I don't sell United Leather Theater Seating. Actually, I've never even heard of it.
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Did a search on Google and didn't see anything for "United" theater seats. Also work at a furniture store and haven't heard of them either.
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I haven't heard of them either. Is it possible wherever you saw them is rebranding them and using their own name?

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Stacy's furniture carries them in Grapevine, TX (DFW area). They are higher end than Berklines, manufactured in Dallas. I just bought 6 seats of the "Texas" sized Durango model. I'm really impressed with them. I hoped to get them cheaper elsewhere with no luck.
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take this with a grain of salt, but I believe that Gallery Furniture in Houston sells United Leather theater seats. They seemed comfortable to me, but I only sat in them for a short time.

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Gallery does indeed sell United Leather seats. I purchased a row of 3 across (black). They are awesome but overpriced IMO.
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does anyone know who else sells "united leather seats" besides Gallery Furniture in Houston....?
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When I looked at the United Leather seating, they were using the nylon web strapping for the seat support versus the sinous springs that the Palliser and Berklines use.
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call? or use dealer button when they get it working
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Local custom installer here in Lexington Ky sells them and has them in stock, Barney Miller's ( www.barneymillers.com )
No where near you in Dallas though.
I looked at them but I can't justify the premium on them vs the Berklines
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This thread is way old but I just purchased a set of United Leather theater seats and thought I would bump it. Take delivery next weekend. The quality of the seats in the showroom is incredible. Looked at Palliser, Berkline and a few other brands. These blow away what I saw. Fantastic quality leathers, all top grain. No bonded junk or vinyl back. They are pricey for sure. But when you compare Pallisers with top quality leather upgrades the price isnt to much different and you get 6 day delivery versus 6 weeks and US made. Pics to follow.
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I believe I saw them at Cedia and they are nice seats.

What is wrong with bonded leather?
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Well you are correct. Absolutely nothing wrong with bonded! Forgive my leather snobbery. My first set of seats were the Coaster Directors. They likely used bonded leather and I think some vinyl. But great seats for the price. Certainly a much better value!! But if someone is looking for top quality leather, motorized, quick delivery and lots of options with what appears to be high quality, United Leather seems great so far. We will see.
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I was pulling your leg. I have made my feelings known on AVS of what I think of bonded/bicast leather. I still get a lot of calls from owners of this stuff having problems. I would recommend a high grade vinyl or fabric over this stuff. A good quality leather should last years even decades not months.
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Here are some pics of the United Leather seats for anyone interested. A few other pics of the theater are there too.
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