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The best way to shar music vthrough iTunes

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I've got 2 mac minis in my house now. I have all my wav files on a file server, and have setup iTunes to access these files from my network on 1 computer. I just bought a second one (soon to be 4 more) and I'm trying to find the best way to share my library list most efficiently.

Thus far I've copied my iTunes Library/iTunes Music folder to the network. I then tried to use this folder as the default for my second mac. It doesn't seem to pick the songs that I'd saved from my other mac. I then imported from iTunes Music.xml in that drive. While my first pc has 3577 songs, when I import songs into the second mac it only finds 2400 songs. Any word on this?

How can I most effectively share the same iTunes Library information on all macs that I have and that I will buy? I want to be able to add music through 1 macs iTunes library and have that information available to all mac pcs. Any good suggestions?

Also how do I share information with my wifes wintel PC? It won't read the itunes xml file at all because the file directory information is different betweeen mac and PC. Any help on this also would be apreciated
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Hey htpc'd,

I haven't tried this - but it looked like a great solution to your type of problem. - http://supersync.com/index.php
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I have one Mini with no music connected to an audio amplifier and three other Macs each with its own library connected to the network. I also have a file server, but the Mini only has a Wifi connection to the server and I've had problems getting that to work all the time.

IAC, first, in iTunes preferences, go to Advance>General and unselect "Keep iTunes music folder organised" and "Copy files to iTunes music folder". I assume you have already gone to Sharing in preferences and turned on "Look for shared libraries" and "Share my library".

Once you have unselected "Copy files..." you can just drag files from anywhere into iTunes. If you have more than two Macs, you will need to do these steps on each one that you would like to share. Assuming the Windows version of iTunes also has these preferences and you've turned them on, your Mini should see that library (I assume you will need to also look at you Sharing control panel to be sure you've got "Windows Sharing" turned on.)

I would advise against copying .xml files around because all the features you need are already built into the program and just have to be "turned on" correctly. In fact, I would let iTunes rebuild its .xml files, then reset the preferences I have described above and try again. HTH.
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This SuperSync seems like the trick. While I've been on the road that Further had suggested (thx too) my issue is that I have SO many songs that something like this SuperSync would give me that anallytical confirmation of what is and what is not in sync. It also looks like it could help with my Windows/mac issues. If it pans out I'll write a review.

The other thing that looks good is that I hope to get away from having to goto the tabs of each of the different computers to find playlists etc.
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