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run speaker wire in "outside" wall

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I've been given the task of mounting two rear speakers on the wall. Behind this wall is the garage. I'm assuming the wall is insulated. The garage is finished inside with sheetrock, but not textured or painted. I don't have much experience cutting holes in walls therefore I'm quite leary about it. However I'm even more worried about removing the baseboard and getting it back on correctly. I was thinking my best bet would be to run the speaker wire from the Receiver along the baseboard to this back wall. Then I could either run along the baseboard and fish in the wall to my speaker positions (which requires removing baseboard) or I could try and go behind this wall and into the garage. Run the wire on the outside of the wall in the garage, then back through the wall at the speaker location inside the house. As far as I can tell there's nothing on this wall but an electrical outlet.

Are there any foreseeable problems with going completely through an insulated wall? Would I be better off trying to remove baseboard inside the house and run the speaker wire in the wall that way? Any other options ideas?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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It sounds easy enough to just cut into the wall and fish the wires where you want to. However the insulation may give you some problems. As long as you have a good fishing tool it should go well though. Running the wire behind the base boards may be your best bet to getting it to the right spot. and then fishing for the wire up into the wall. Good luck

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Thanks for the reply Aussie. My concerns don't lie too much with fishing as they do with removing the baseboards and getting them back on that fishing would require. I was trying to think of a way to avoid this by going into the garage.
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Is there a basement under this room? Might be easiest to run the wires under the room to the rear wall.
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No basement, though I assume there is a crawlspace (yuck). Though my concern is not with getting to the rear of the room. It's getting up the wall once I get there.
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single story? Through the attic and down the wall would seem to be the easiest if you have an attic above the room.
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sometimes the baseboards can fight you but they do seem to go back on right. If you have a nail gun or even use the original nails from when you pull it off it should go back together well. Maybe now is a good time to add some new colour to your baseboards

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You can run low voltage wires pretty much where you like.

The garage wall is a fire wall with heavier fire rated wall board, but you can easily drill right through any insulation and the qyp board. Any hardware store will have drill bits long enough to go clear through the wall. Pick a spot, between the studs, that does not have any pipes or wires.

If you use a low voltage box on the interior wall you should be able to just poke the wire through the hole. After you pull the wire seal the holes on the garage side.

I have telco, cable, power (and soon) rear surround wires going through the garage wall as an alternative to a very long crawl through the worst crawl space in the West (any West).
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