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Lens cleaning?

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I think I need to clean my lens off on my projector. Is there a recommended way to do it? On a former projector I had I tried to clean it and wound up with smudges that never seemed to go away.
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You clean a projector lens the same way you clean any other fine optics (camera lens, microscope lens, etc.)

First use a blower or a clean source of compressed air to blow any loose dirt and dust off the lens.

Then use lens tissue or a clean microfiber cloth slightly moistened with a good lens cleaning fluid (never apply fluid directly to the lens) and starting in the center of the lens use a rotary motion and work your way out.

Remember, more lenses have been ruined by improper cleaning than by not cleaning at all.
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Originally Posted by Jerry Gardner View Post

Remember, a dirty lens is better than an improperly cleaned one.

Yeah, I found that out the hard way before. Thanx.
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