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After sifting through the Def Tech Owners thread, I have come to understand that the CLR 2300 Center might be a better fit for my setup and wanted to ask specifically in this thread.

My current setup:

Fronts - Def Tech BP7006's
Center - Def Tech CLR 2002
Rears - Def Tech BP2X's
Sub - Infinity 10

After reading about matching, it seems like people suggest the CLR 2300 over the 2002 for the 7006 fronts as the drivers are the same size.

My questions are

Will I really notice a big difference? Is it worth upgrading?

Does the built in sub in the 2300 make a big difference for a center channel? Is there really that much low end going on through the center? My aim is to get a nice, warm, vocal sound from the center and I thought the larger midrange drivers in the 2002 would be a bit better.

Is there really that big of a difference in the sonic matching with my 7006 fronts?

Auditioning the 2300 vs. the 2002 will be difficult since the stores in my area don't seem to have the 2300 on display so that is another reason I am asking here.

Thanks in advance!