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Hi All,

I'm really new to this and a complete novice. I've been learning by reading all the great posts..Based on what I gathered, I've bought Onkyo 505 (receiver) and Bic 100 as SUB. I started with a budget of abt $650. But I've laready spent $450 on these 2. So, my questions are:

1. Was $450 well spent?
2. Can I get reasonable set of speakers for $200-250?
Its fine if I can not. I can wait a bit more to save some and then buy good speakers.

Thanks a lot!
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Originally Posted by dave206 View Post

Hi All,

I'm really new to this and a complete novice. I've been learning by reading all the great posts..Based on what I gathered, I've bought Onkyo 505 (receiver) and Bic 100 as SUB. I started with a budget of abt $650. But I've laready spent $450 on these 2. So, my questions are:

1. Was $450 well spent?
2. Can I get reasonable set of speakers for $200-250?
Its fine if I can not. I can wait a bit more to save some and then buy good speakers.

Thanks a lot!

What kind of speakers are you looking for? Floorstanding? Bookshelf? Small satellites you can mount on the wall?

To answer your first question, I think the receiver you got is respectable and the Bic H-100 is arguably the best sub out there under $250. So I think you did well there. As for your second question, I think it depends what you mean by "reasonable set of speakers". If by that you mean a full set of five speakers then I'd say probably not. However, you can likely find a good deal somewhere on a decent pair of speakers to use as your mains. Then you can save more money and buy the rest of your speakers later.
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Good to know that I chose decent receiver and sub.

I am actually looking for bookshelves. I guess, I'll just buy Athena mains now and then wait for a while to get center and surrounds.

Thanks again
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Hi guys, I posted this in the speakers forum, but maybe that's a little to high end for this question.

I'm looking to replace my Onkyo HTIB speakers when I get my Sony STR-DG910. I'm looking to find towers around $200 a pop since there may be college parties that go on and if one blows out I don't want to be out a lot of money. The room isn't too big maybe 15'-20' x 15'-20'. The other thing I was thinking was to use towers as surrounds since I can't drill into the wall and it would save me having to find stands.

Here's what I've been looking at;

Polk: RTi8 or RS50 fronts / RS50 surrounds / ? center
Athena: LS500 Fronts / LS300 surrounds / LS-C100 center
Energy: C500(pushing the $ limit) or C300 Fronts / C300 surrounds / ? center

For sub's I'm looking at the eD subs as I've heard nothing but good things.

I know the Energy's seem to be popular here, and the most expensive, my concern is that the receiver won't have enough juice to power them properly. Also does JBL offer anything in this range? They seem like they could pull double duty for parties.

Thanks for any help. - John
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Hey, thanks for the thread guys. I've been lurking around the plasma forums for a long time and decided to put off that purchase for a while. So I switched gears to looking for a surround sound system, and the complexity of everything just seemed overwhelming. I was looking at going for either the Onkyo S6100 or S9100THX, just for the convenience and because I was afraid of the speakers not matching. But after listening to people here, I decided to try to put together a system of my own. This is what I've come up with:

My budget started around $1000 for a complete audio system, but if I don't buy all the components at once it will be a little more flexible. I'm a college student living in a small apartment complex (main room 15' x 12').

The system would be used for watching TV, music, HD DVD's, Blueray's, and gaming. Equipment we own: Vizio LCD VX32L, PS3, Xbox 360 (component version), and a Nintendo-64.

Onkyo TX-SR606

Athena - LS-100 Bookshelf Speakers
Athena - LS-500 Tower Speaker

LS-C100 Center Channel Speaker

Velodyne VX-10
Velodyne VRP1200 Powered Subwoofer
ED A2-300 sub
BIC H100

I'll be getting the TX-SR606, and two LS-500's for the front speakers first. Additionally, I got a free subwoofer from a friend. I think it's from a Samsung HTIB. The model no is PS-WTQ85, and I couldn't really find any info on it. Probably not the best sub in the world, but I will use that for a sub until I can afford one of the above.

1. Is it a waste of money to put LS-500 tower speakers as two rears as opposed to the bookshelf speakers (just assuming rears are not as important)?
2. If I don't buy all the speakers at once, should I wait to buy the center until I buy the surrounds? Don't know if a 3.1 system is preferable to a 2.1, or if the receiver settings allow me to even configure for an output of 3.1.
3. When I eventually purchase a sub, would running the new subwoofer and the Samsung sound better than running only the new one? Do I need special adapters to run multiple subwoofers?
4. Are all speaker wires (say 14 gauge) equivalent across brands for the most part? Will I need banana plugs or are they suggested?
5. For the money I'm spending, am I getting a good system?

Thanks for any replies, and sorry for the ridiculously long post.
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Hi all,

I hope this is the right forum since I'm looking to build a setup then buy a HTIB.

Recently I've been lurking around since someone suggested purchasing a receiver and two audio speakers instead of computer speakers for my PC. Currently I watch movies and listen to music on my Mac and game on my PC in my 11' x 11' bedroom.

I like the idea of slowly buying good components as my budget allows. From reading many posts on affordable speakers, the Polk Audio R150's look promising. Bookshelf setup would be preferred since I don't have the room for floor speakers.

Today I got a quick opportunity to listen to the R150's and OWM3 Series, along with a JBL (model unknown) at Fry's Electronics. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to listen to them as long as I would have liked. My frozen groceries were defrosting in the back of my car in 90-degree heat!

But, to my novice untrained ears the Polk R150s sounded great! The OWM3 seem to accentuate the highs in the music only. There seem to be little mid tone and no bass at all. I realize that these speakers are not meant to boom. However, the JBL's speakers sounded better then the OWM3 but the R150's sounded fuller, well balanced to me.

So I like what I heard, but is there any similarly priced bookshelf speaker ($200) I should evaluate?

My plans are to build a nice 2.1 system then slowly build up to 5.1.
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I own use 4 x R150 and a CSR in my 5.1 set-up. I auditioned them at Frys and bought them at Frys on-line. I'm very pleased with the SQ. Although Frys doesn't have them on-line, Crutchfield has the R150's for $99.00/pair.
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I really need some help, I don't know much about speakers. I am going to buy one of these Receivers tx-sr806 or tx-sr876 unless there is a better on that can be recommended for around the same price, I would like if it had internet connection on the receiver as well. I am not sure what speakers I should buy to go with the Receiver. This unit will go in a HT that is 18' wide and 25' long. I am looking at spending about $1000.00 for the speakers, these Receivers are both 7.1 surround. Any advice would be helpful, I know nothing.
Thanks again
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If anyone is interested I found the Onkyo TX-SR505 for $135 at ecost.com today.
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Hi All
I need feedback from gurus on this thread for my new home theater setup.
This is the first time I am doing something like this. I never owned even a decent Stereo system, let alone a HT. I am not an audiophile but can tell good sound from bad.
I took advantage of the 30% cash back from M$ and Fleabay yesterday and pulled the trigger on the receiver and speakers.
So please provide your honest feedback.

1) HTPC with Asus Xonar DX Sound Card (Ordered a BD drive last week)
2) Onkyo TX-SR506 (I know no sound on HDMI sucks)
3) BIC H-100 Subwoofer
4) Polk RM-10 Speaker Set.
5) 2 Toslink Optical cables + 1 HDMI Male 2 Male + 1 HDMI - DVI (for HTPC) + 100ft Speaker cable from MonoPrice.com

Is this good enough for a small apt living room? Also I wont be putting the volume to more than 40% i guess because of my 2 year old kid.

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The Onkyo receiver isn't too bad. I have a two-generation previous model. If you can do without TrueHD and stuff (or have analog audio hookups), it's actually pretty damn good.

I have that sub, too, and like it.

Can't comment on the Polk package.
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Originally Posted by gus738 View Post

dark ness bear start over begin with a nice receiver onkyo 705 or 604 get your 3 matching speakers (infinity beta 50's c360') or someting along those lines then work your way up with rear sourrounds in the future (if tight budget) then your sub last.

and your expereince will change

Wondering if you'd apply the same advice to my system:

7 year old Sony STR-DE685
Bose 301 (bookshelf) x2
Sony PS3
Samsung LN46a550

We split between 60% PS3, 40% HD cable, but the HD sources plug into the TV and I'm sending analog audio to the receiver currently (I think I can upgrade to optical with a cable or two).

I have a budget of around $400, so I could float the SR606 and get speakers later, but is there any merit in upgrading to a new front 3 speakers and get a new receiver next, or is that pointless with my current receiver?
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^^^JMO, but I'd definitely spend the money on better speakers and upgrade the receiver later. This should provide more of an improvement in sound quality than changing the receiver. Like I said, JMO.
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Originally Posted by Patch22 View Post

If anyone is interested I found the Onkyo TX-SR505 for $135 at ecost.com today.

That's a recertified product. Hope you knew that before ordering.
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Hey guys,

I also am starting to think about putting togetter a piece by piece system in my family room. I was initially thinking about going with going for the Onkyo HT S9100 but don't really need the 7.1 and if possible maybe get a better 5.1 system by piecing it together myself. I was looking at a few of these posts and have constanly seen many using the Onkyo TX-SR606 or Onkyo TX-SR506as the reciever of choice. For front speakers I would prefer towers....which I'm not really sure about. I've noticed someone talking about the Athen LS-500 towers. I'm clueless on center channel and surround speakers. If anyone can give me any info on the products I mentioned or point me in some sort of direction I'd appreciate it. My budget is $700-$800

By the way I currently have a 46 in Samsung LNT4671F and also have a wii, ps3, xbox 360. I don't currently have a surround sound system.
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Hey Everyone,

Last year I purchased some speakers from AV123. I bought a pair of their x-ls bookshelf speakers, the x-cs center, and the x-sub. I decided I wanted to put these in the family room and buy some new ones for the living room. I was happy with the x series and went back to purchase their upgraded Encore series, but they have just disco'd them.

The Encore 3.1 setup would have cost me about $750, but I am willing to pay up to $1,000 for a 3.1 setup that will be primarily used with a HT. The speakers will be hooked up to a Yamaha 1800 AVR. It would also be a big plus if the speakers came in a light (in color) wood enclosure. It would be a plus if the Sub matched (enclosure), but not absolutely necessary. My main concern is that the sound quality from the speakers and sub are AT LEAST as good as the quality from the Encores, and hopefully better if they cost more.

thanks in advance for suggestions.
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Does anyone have any idea how to hook-up a Dayton Sub? I have a "Subwoofer out" purple connector on the back of my HK 146, but then look at the back of the subwoofer http://www.amazon.com/Dayton-SUB-100...3960346&sr=8-4 I see the speaker connection, but i don't really feel like running that many cables all over the place. I also see some type of RCA double connection, would i need an adapter for that?
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I have a Dayton sub. You can get a Y adapter which is very inexpensive or just run a single RCA cable to the left or right input. Either way will work. it'll be about 3db louder by using the Y adapter though.

Should cost you no more than $5 at Radio Shack, home depot or lowes. Doesn't need to be Monster brand either.

This one is 13ft long and you don't need an adapter. its a long Y cable for less than $2.
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How do you like it? I was also looking at the Polk PSW10 since it'll match the rest of my system Thanks.
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The Dayton is a pretty good sub, nothing special. Good for the price which was $99 shipped when I bought it a few years ago during the holidays. Its a good low budget sub.

Honestly, I wouldn't get the Dayton or Polk PSW10 if you have $150 or more. The low end Polk subs really aren't that good. Fry's has the Velodyne VX-10 for $149 today and I'd pick that up instead. Or if today is too soon, Vanns has it for $169 shipped, which is only $7 more after you pay tax at Fry's.

Or also look at the Energy ESW-10 which is $170 shipped on Amazon. I have an older model Energy 10" sub and they're much more musical than the Dayton. Either the Velodyne or Energy would be better than the Polk or Dayton.
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Now if you want a good budget Dayton sub, look at this model. Designed by Dr Hsu it goes deeper than the Velodyne or Energy sub.

But shipping is $59 to SoCal.
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Looking for a budget system, HTIB I guess if its upgradeable. dont care if its 2.1 for now for I want the best bang for the buck and can always upgrade. Looking for something that sounds good for not only movies but the stereo/cd's. Would like a reciever/speakers/and CD player. Do not at this time have a blue ray or DVD player worth a crap either so if possible would like that too, if works as CD player then dont need that either. What are my best bets for around a grand?? I've heard the avs systems are good and reasonabley priced also the Yambeka 5-speaker system. But as I said I dont need the 5.1 as of yet unless it fits in the budget. Would rather spend more on two speakers and a center. Would also like to add 2 speakers on another channel for the patio, nothing fancy just so have music there for BBQ darts etc... Thanks guys

If it helps have a 61A650 on the way and Time warner HD/DVR,
Old school Pioneer Reciever
thats about it everything else is junk.

Thanks again!!
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Here is my HTIB alternative.

I took the plunge and did this for my 7.1 setup

Receiver - SR606B (300)
Fronts - Energy C-100 and C-C100 for left/right/center (300)
Surrounds - 4xKlipsch SS.5 (200)
Sub - Cadence CSX-12 (200)

I'm pretty happy with this combo for about a grand. Sounds great so far but I've done nothing but just mount the speakers and hook them up and just run some music through them. I get the projector for the room today so I plan on playing with that tonight.

Anyone have any comments or anything to watch out for with this setup?
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Very interested to get your take on the Cadence CSX-12 since I'm considering buying one. Regarding Cadence, was the CSX-12 in stock or did you have to wait for it? If you had to wait, how long was the delay? TIA
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Originally Posted by samsurd2 View Post

Very interested to get your take on the Cadence CSX-12 since I'm considering buying one. Regarding Cadence, was the CSX-12 in stock or did you have to wait for it? If you had to wait, how long was the delay? TIA

I got the CSX-12 3 days after I ordered it from their ebay store so no wait.

In terms of initial impression it really pumps. I am going from a crappy Yamaha HTIB which has a small sub so compared to that it literally blows it away. Might knock it over if I put it close enough.

My first impression when I opened the box, I was blown away by the sheer size and weight of the thing, it is really massive. But pumps massive sound to go with it.
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^^Many thanks.
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Hi all,

I've been reading through these forums for a few weeks now and haven't found a better resource for HT knowledge. I'm in the process of finishing my basement and it will be my man cave that I get to outfit with all the electronics I can fit into my budget. I'm set on most of the pieces already, but wanted to get some advice on speaker/sound kit. I had locked in on the Onkyo TX SR606, but have recently seen some of the Onkyo HTiB sets advertised (HT-S5100B etc) that have caught my eye. I'm either going with the Panny TH-50PZ800U or the PZ85U with a PS3 for video (I also already have a Toshiba HD-DVD that I'll probably throw on there for kicks). Again, my thought was the SR606 coupled with a 5.1 setup (Mirage Nanosat or Klipsch Synergy Quintet were the ones I was strongly considering). This is going to be primarily for video as opposed to music, though I'll probably hook up an iPod dock at some point as well

Right now, it looks like I can get the SR606 for $350 (Amazon) with the Mirage setup for $500. I don't want to go over that combined $850 - which is why a lot of these HTiBs are attractive. FWIW, the room that I'm outfitting is on 13' deep, so I don't have as much depth as some (width is 17, give or take)

So, long way of getting to it, but the question is am I looking in the right direction with the ones I'm considering, what am I missing, what kind of mistakes am I making? In a nutshell, what do you recommend for a first timer like me?

Thanks for all of the insight guys!
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I just bought a PS3, which will be used more for Blu-Ray than for games. Now that I have a Blu-Ray player, I am ready to replace my ancient, cobbled together 3.0 setup from back when I was living on a college budget, living in apartments, and moving every year.

What I have:

Sony KSD-60a3000
Xbox 360
I'll also be upgrading to digital cable soon, so I'll have lots more HD programming

My room (living room/kitchen) is approximately 22'x25', but opens directly into the entryway and formal dining room too. The acoustics are going to be far from ideal, although I should be able to at least get the speaker locations about right. I don't know anything about room treatments, but if there are visually unobtrusive changes I can make to improve the acoustics, I don't mind doing it.

I do have a couple of nice 15" subwoofers in storage. I am not opposed to building an enclosure and picking up a cheap plate amp to use one of them. They are car audio speakers, but were designed for ported applications. I modeled a large, low tuned box for one a long time ago and it should produce a good flat response down to 20 Hz, but at the cost of possibly being visually unappealing due to the size. They are rated at 1200 watts RMS. I use them in my car with a 32 Hz tuning frequency and I really like the sound. I'll see if I can dig up the T/S specs on them later.

What I want:

I'd like a full 7.1 sound system that is capable of taking full advantage of the capabilities of Blu-Ray. It doesn't have to be the best of the best. It doesn't have to compete with the Warren Theater in Moore, OK [http://www.warrentheatres.com/Moore.pdf]. (If you're in the OKC area, check it out...THX sound and 2k digital projection on every screen.) It just has to sound good for a reasonable cost. My budget is flexible, but I'm looking for somewhere in the $1000 price range for receiver, speakers, and wiring.

I've seen a lot of talk about the Onkyo TX-SR606. It sounds like a good starting point for me. I'm certainly open to other options, though. It is currently $350 at Amazon, which would leave around $650 or so to work with. If a little more $ would make a substantial difference in sound quality, I'm all for that. Likewise, if a small sacrifice in sound would mean a big savings, that might be OK too.

I know virtually nothing about home theater speakers. I don't even really know where to start looking. I read the beginning of this thread, but I didn't read far because the info seemed to be a little old. I would very much appreciate some suggestions, either on what to buy or even just on where to start looking.

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DenonĀ® DHT-588BA 5.1 Channel Home Theater System is available at Big Lots for $350. Look under previous deal of the day. Not the best available but for 3.5 Bens it is not bad.
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So much for piecing together a system. I just pulled the trigger on the Onkyo HT-S7100, refurbished, from ShopOnkyo.com for $430.10 shipped to my door. I was expecting to spend $350 just for the receiver, so I figured $80 more for the speakers and stands is a bargain. Of course, the refurbished receiver is $305 shipped, so I guess it's really $125 more, but it's still too cheap to pass up. I'll probably use the packaged speakers for a while, then consider upgrading them later on.
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