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Need Advice - Best DIY for Pany900 108+ Screen

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Hi guys. I have done my reading and I am still confused as to which option is best for me. I have the Pany 900 and enough wall space for up to 130", although I won't go that big. Besides, according to the calculator, I would need a screen gain of 1.5:1 in order to have enough brightness. I have been projecting 106" onto a regular dining room wall for the past year with success but ambient light viewing is weak.

As as I see, given the size I hope to achieve, my options are as follows:

1- Sintra board cut from a 5 x 10 to 60" x 107" (122" diagonal)

2- Wilson art laminate board (Designer White) cut to same size

3- Build a wooden frame and stretch blackout cloth

Option #1 would certain cost more but would it give me additional options for painting, which might yield the 1.3:1 gain I would need? I believe the cost they quoted me from a local sign supply shop, with delivery and cut to size above was around $90. Would love suggestions on a simple paint solution if I go the Sintra route at that size.

While I am not an expert woodworker, I'm sure I could construct a basic frame and stretch blackout cloth to size, although it appears to only come in smaller sizes than I need.

Still researching Wilson Art some more and I am going to look for a dealer locally (San Jose). Would appreciate thoughts on best match for the Pany 900 and potential paint options.

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Can I pain FnEasy on Sintra board? The approach certainly looks simple enough plus inexpensive.
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Thanks. Unfortunately I can't touch the wall - it's a rental

I am very open to using your mix and painting a gray screen onto Sintra, since it is the least expensive substrate I have found. Santa Clara Lumber wanted $148 plus cut and delivery for Wilsonart DW board at 5x10. I can get Sintra under $100 and it is less likely to chip I think I am looking realistically at 120" final viewing diagonal.

So given my ambient lighting issues, how would this work:

1- 59" x 105" Sintra board (cut to size by the sign supply shop)
2- two coats of flat white primer
3- two coats of Behr Sterling
4- after 12 hrs or so, apply one or two coats of Behr Matte Polyurethane #780

Thanks for all your help.
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Any particular reason Sterling is the choice?
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The FnEasy guide mentions that Sterling is a more "color balanced" gray then Wispy Gray. I am trying to keep paint mixing to a minimum, but I am open to suggestions!
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I too have the Panny 900. So far all I have done for paint is just Kilz primer, I havent desided what to do next. I must say that just with the primer alone it has a better picture then just shooting it on the wall.
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Originally Posted by tiddler View Post

FnEasy-02 == 0 2 0 LB + 0 1 0 YO /qt Behr UPW #1050

FnEasy-03 == 0 3 0 LB + 0 1 1 YO /qt Behr UPW #1050

FnEasy-04 == 0 4 0 LB + 0 2 0 YO /qt Behr UPW #1050

So here is my ultra-n00b question... are those mixes made for you by HD or something you make yourself? It looks a bit like greek to me

EDIT: nevermind, I found my answer. Thanks. From your samples it looks like FnEasy-04 is a good target to start with.
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With the Kilz primer I used I think Im happy with the blacks with just that. They look black as black could be to me. Im going to watch acouple movies today and check again to make sure, but last time I checked they looked good. Thought that would let you know.
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Ive been real lazy the last little while, so I really havent done anything other then just using the Kilz.

My plan was to just check out acouple different paints and then when I have what Im looking for, buy something to paint it onto. Then I was going to throw some poly over that.

Ive been kind of looking at HD and Rona for something to paint onto, but everything I see is only 4x8. Wanted something bigger then 4'x8', something along the lines of 54"x96".

Hey how big does drywall come in? They come bigger then 4x8 dont they?

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