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What do you guys think of this screen?

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I found a seller on ebay that is selling the following screen material. What do you guys think? Its about 130 bucks. below I cut and paste the description. I'm looking to project a PT AX 100U. I'll probably go about 120" maybe more. still debating on the layout of our future basement.

This is a professional grade PVC based material that is used in cinemas and by major manufacturers of home theater screens! Companies such as Draper, Da-lite, and other major manufacturers use this exact same type of material for their screens costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars! This is not a cloth based material that you can buy at a fabric store! It is manufactured solely as a projection screen material and has a 11.5 mil, 3 layer construction of vinyl laminated to woven fiberglass with a black rubberized backing. Recommended for use with all DLP, LCD, and CRT projectors. Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!

Superior Picture Quality: If you have been projecting onto a cheap cloth based screen or even worse, a white wall, then you have been missing out on the high resolution image your projector is capable of. A white wall or a cheap cloth based material simply does not have the reflective properties that a quality PVC projection screen provides! For a TRUE high definition image you need a PVC based projection screen that is capable of delivering the sharp, high contrast images your projector was designed to display. Don't waste your money on a cheap cloth based screen! You will be disappointed with the image quality, and brightness, and in the end you will probably want to upgrade anyway. See the difference a professional quality screen can make in your home theater!

Features: It has a matte white surface with a gain of 1.0 (Ideal for home theater use) and has the widest viewing cone of all the gains. A 1.0 gain diffuses projected light in all directions, so the image can be seen clearly from any angle, with no hot spots, and no color shifting! It also produces excellent skin tones which is very important in a home theater environment! Matte white with a gain of 1.0 is the standard to which all other screen surfaces are compared! Provides exceptional color reproduction, and superior clarity!

(NOTE: When choosing which gain is right for you, do not be tempted to go with a gain that is too high! In a home theater environment, a higher gain does not mean better! A gain of about 1.0 to 1.2 is about as high as you want for a home theater. Higher gain screens do have their place, such as in conference rooms or places where ambient light cannot be controlled, but are usually undesirable for most home theater applications! A high gain screen will not reflect red, green, and blue equally. So it can generate color shifts in the image that are noticeable as you move around the screen. Also, any screen with a gain higher than 1.0 has some degree of hotspotting. The videophile looking for optimum image quality in a home theater environment will always go with a low gain screen.)
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