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Im planning of building a concession stand for my Theater. I saw you post about the PSD. If you are not busy please email it at ddmex101@gmail.com
Thank you very much!
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Could you also send me the PSD Please djcrazynights@gmail.com
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I know this thread has been around for awhile but anyone still has the files around, please send me a PM and while will send you my email. Thanks in advance.
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So I have the files from a slightly different version from the OP's post. Where's the best place to drop this so others can contribute too? I'm thinking github. Another site perhaps?
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Originally Posted by Karman View Post

I thought I would add this vendor to this thread as I just came across them today:


They make frames that are set up to backlight photographs and are less than 1 inch thick. Not cheap, but very nice. Has anyone used them before?

They also have some tips on printing for images that will be backlighted:


Has anyone tried any of these photo-glow products?
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I need PSD file also, if not im going to have to cut out all the layers from a jpeg and thats going to take forever Please Help!
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These signs are friggin' awesome! I'd love to create one for my home theater. If anyone has the PSD file, please email me at: sf.notary@yahoo.com

I tried sending a PM to Chinadog but he no longer accepts messages.

There are free file sharing sites like Filefactory.com
If someone who has the PSD file and can upload to a file sharing site like that and share with everyone that be so cool!

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SF notary,

Just caught your posting.
I am trying to send you an email (with a 5Mb zip file now).

You will need photoshop to view and modify it.
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Thanks Craig! You Rock!
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Originally Posted by Sfnotary View Post
I tried sending a PM to Chinadog but he no longer accepts messages.
Sorry, mailbox is full, I need to go through it. I've been busy with a move to a new state and all, then work/travel has sort of taken over my life.

In general, I don't mind sharing the file, but I want to point I spent ALOT of time working on it. I know most people are looking for the file for a personal theaters, which is fine, but I've had requests to put it out on a website for just anyone to download and I really don't want the masses getting a hold of it - for a variety of reasons I'm not going to get into. My two cents.

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Would someone mind pm'ing me? I would appreciate the file for my personal home theater as well.

Thanks for all your hard work chinadog. It really looks awesome.
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bump ..

I too would like to make a Marquee .. pls send me PSD file or pm me at sitster@gmail.com if you are willing to assist a newbie. I am not familiar with Photoshop.
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Hi Chinadog
If at all possible i would like to use your PSD file for my own home theater; appreciate the help ! glicameli@gmail.com
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Looking for this file too if anyone still has it? thanks!
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There is still an active link to dowload a psd file on page three and posterprintshop will print it on special backlit paper for 10 and michael still sells the shadowbox when you have it printed be sure to print it 8.5 by 19.5 so you dont cut of any of the pic
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Huge thank you to Volley for coming up with this idea and making this thread, and to dachavez for putting up another PSD that I used. I got a shadow box at michaels today for $14 and staples will have my print ready on friday ( color printer down until tomorrow). Its being printed on photo paper since I dont have plans on backlighting it for now. They are only charing me 6.99 per foot, so itll come out to about $15, meaning $30 for the entire project.

Will post pictures on friday. Thanks again!

If anybody needs help making their sign and is a photoshop noob, send me a PM and ill help yah out. Just include what name you want, wether you want concession stand or welcome at the bottom, what logos you want in the middle, and what you want the text to say on the white board.
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Here are the pics. Very happy with staples printing. Was very sharp and the colors are great. The pics dont do it justice.

This picture came out dark for some reason. I hung it at the bottom of the stairs

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peteypistol, very nice. Is yours backlit? Kinda hard to tell in the pics.

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Still wondeirng if someone could send me the psd file.

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Originally Posted by rsmclay View Post

Still wondeirng if someone could send me the psd file.


Check your private messages.
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Originally Posted by Lordhits View Post

Check your private messages.

Thank you!!!!
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I loved the welcome sign so much, I played around with it in photoshop and made a concession sign based off of that one. I hope its cool with dachavez. Ill edit in the the finished pics when I get it printed and framed this weekend. Will send the psd file if anyone is interested. Also plan on making one more bar "beer menu" based off it, and maybe a ticket booth

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cool sign very retro, reminds me of those 40's-50's movie houses
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Originally Posted by Metric View Post

Looking for this file too if anyone still has it? thanks!

Anyone able to share?
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Originally Posted by Metric View Post

Anyone able to share?

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You rock!
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I finished my marquee and got it hung earlier this week:

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Originally Posted by nebrunner View Post

I finished my marquee and got it hung earlier this week:

That looks awesome.

Did you build it yourself? Have the files your used (psd, etc...) and a how-to?

Looks great nebrunner
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Hi, this is a sign you can buy from wal-mart, there is an old thread here somewhere about them. They are about $30 and are flat, people then mod them out to add lights and stuff.

I took the sign, drilled holes in it, mounted a string of christmas lights in it, then built a backbox for it out of mdf and painted it all to match.

There are some youtube videos out there from different folks who have modded them, search for "home theater marquee".
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After many years of having my theater in operation, I finally, thanks to this thread, finished my marquee. It came out awesome but when I turned it on for the first time yesterday, I was totally dissapointed. See the pics.

I had my local print shop do the work. The artwork is a sticker so to speak, stuck onto a piece of white lexan. The lights I used behind are the typical rope lighting which have kind of a yellowish color by nature so I'm wondering if need to go to a pure white type of rope lighting, like the LED white or maybe a fluorescent lighting? The top pic is with the backlighting on and the next pic is backlighting off and just using a flash to show the what it looks like naturally. Any thoughts?

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