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The Elements of a Rec Room

When you have the right systems, a rec room combines the best of home theater, gaming and entertainment.

For clients and consumers looking to relax and have fun, a rec room is the fastest ticket to all-out entertainment. Do they want to watch a movie? There's a big-screen tucked into the back wall. Shoot some pool? A billiards table awaits at the other end of the room. Or maybe they'd simply like to sip a cocktail while socializing with friends. Around the corner, there's a fully stocked bar filled with all of their favorite libations. Big-screen TVs, pool tables and bars set the stage for fun-filled evenings at home, but it's easy to increase their enjoyment with just a few electronic systems.

Networked TVs
Of course, with so much to do in a rec room, clients might not want to be pinned to a big-screen for very long. That 60-inch set might not cut it when guests are 25 feet away shooting pool, so consider installing several smaller TVs throughout the room to supplement the bigger unit. Hang one 27 incher from the ceiling at the billiards area, another at the bar and a third one by the conversation pit. When these TVs are networked together (by a home systems installer), clients will be able to see the DVD that's playing on the big-screen on every TV in the space. So whether you're racking up or grabbing a snack, they'll never miss a second of any flick.

Keypads for Control
Unlike a handheld remote, which forever seems to be lost in the cushions of the couch, a keypad is mounted to the wall, right where clients can easily find it. At the very least, put one at the entrance to the room. From there, put additional keypads in areas where you know people will be spending a lot of time, like behind the bar, next to a bank of video game machines and by the door to the media area, for instance.

For more ways to squeeze electronics into this space, check out