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Review: Cary Audio's DVD-7
by Bob Archer

The last thing custom installers need to deal with is a format war. Unfortunately, that's what they're getting as Blu-ray and HD DVD are doing nothing but confusing millions of consumers.

While the heavyweights slug it out for HD disc supremacy, however, cooler heads are prevailing. Companies like Cary Audio have entered the marketplace by developing alternative products that exceed performance expectations while maintaining the momentum of the current-generation DVD format.

Cary Audio's goal with its DVD-7 DVD player was simple: Provide dealers with a step-up performance product that offers superior video and audio quality.

Based on my experience, I think the company has accomplished its goal and produced arguably the best DVD player on the market.


The DVD-7 is a state-of-the-art performance DVD player and its list of features supports that statement. Without getting too caught up in the horsepower under the hood, the DVD-7 incorporates Dual Faroudja Video Format Converter/HDMI D/A converters, dual 12-bit/216-MHz RGB/CV chips and three 12-bit/108-MHz component video chips.

On the audio side the player incorporates Burr Brown PCM 1792u D/A converters. The DVD-7's audio circuit design, meanwhile, is derived from the company's 303/300 CD player, and it offers the ability to shut off the video circuit for use in dedicated audio listening sessions.

Its video attributes are equally impressive and they include the ability to output everything from 480i to 1080p via HDMI or component, and it has three separate always-active video outputs, which enable it to feed as many as five video displays.

The video outputs include composite, S-Video, component, RGB-HV and HDMI. Its audio outputs include optical and coax digital, analog RCA and XLR.

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