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Is this the best cable box?

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I just recently signed up for HDTV from Comcast. They sent out the tech to hook it up and he installed a Motorola DCT6200/2005 converter.

I asked if these are the best for reception he said "their all the same". I am sure this isnt true but I have been wrong before. Am I this time?
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Doesn't matter if it's the best if it's the only non DVR HD box they offer. Your only other options would be upgrade to a DVR or buy an external tuner that works with CableCard.

Try searching on the 6200 here with the search engine, plenty of posts on it, you'll find plenty on surge protectors too to answer your other thread.
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I read all 40 pages of that thread. Glnced over some of the "arguements".

Does anyone offer a SM protector that has a built in coax protector also?
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You're not gonna get much variation on a QAM signal so just about any QAM equipped tuner will give the same results. And as Matt said, you don't have a choice - that's the only non DVR STB you can get.

If you want to do a comparison and have QAM equipped TV plug the coax directly into the TV, scan and compare with the signal from the STB.
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So should I call them and ask for a DVR capable box for better signal?

Or am I just getting VERY picky.

This whole HD thing is new to me.
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The DVR might have a better video processor that might yield better PQ - I doubt you'd notice a diff. You don't get a DVR for PQ diff - you get it for the features.
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