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I recently signed up for Comcast Digital cable and all is well. I love it. To make life easier, I purchased an extra Comcast compatible remote on eBay, just like the one I got from comcast. Unfortunaely, I live in Maryland, and the one I bought is from Oregon. I thought I could just program it for my Cable box (Scientific Atlanta), but that is not working.

When you program a new device, you get two blinks for success, one blink for error. Whenever I try programming any cable box code, I get the one blink error. In addition, I notice that the instruction sheet, although it has codes for cable boxes, does not specifically say how to program a cable box... they just talk about programming TVs and Auxiliary devices.

Does anyone know any secrets for programming a new cable box code? I notice that there are four empty jumper pins inside near the batteries. I was going to try jumpering some of them, but I was hoping someone might already know the right method.