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Motorola SPDIF question

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Anyone with the Verizon FIOS Motorola Box, I have a question...

Is the SPDIF connection active on any of the boxes? I put in a standard RCA cable and hooked it into the Audio In on my Slingbox, and I'm not getting any audio. I REALLY wish they would have added a second set of audio outs on this thing. I may have to get a Tivo in the future... I just wish they didn't charge for the service...
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I have the 6416 HD-DVR box, and my set up is DVI to my TV and optical audio to my home theater in a box, which gives me surround sound on all of the HD channels (when they send it). So I know at least that much works.

Perhaps certain audio/video outs turn off other means? I'm not sure.

along this line, I was just searching... is anybody having trouble with audio from Verizon's feeds the last few days? Today the FOX programs were dropping the center channel every few minutes, and I recorded a movie on HDnet over the weekend where the center dropped out a few times. I just want to know if this is a Verizon problem or possibly an issue with my HTIB (neither would surprise me) (sorry to threadjack)
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But is optical and SPDIF out the same thing? They are two completly different jacks. One uses light, and the other uses an RCA jack type output, but I have seen them reffered to as the same thing...
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I think I mis-read your post, I thought you were concerned that none of the digital outs were working due to your audio set up (which I've seen comments on in the past related to HDMI connections).

SPDIF and TOSLINK/fiber are both digital but you're right, they're not the same thing. I know the box is capable of digital audio out, since my optical out works, unfortunately that's all I can tell you off hand, sorry.
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I did a Wiki on it to see if I could find more information and this picture shows what I mean...


The one on the left provides no sound information through my slingbox setup. I have one RCA cable(in this case, white) running to the white colored input in the slingbox..
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