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JR accepting orders for Canon HV20

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I have purchased from many on-line vendors previously, but few vendors can match J&R's service. IMHO.

They are accepting orders for the Canon HV20.

I have no association with J&R, other than as a satisfied customer.
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My local dealer is selling the HV20 for $925 (plus, for me, a local 3.25% machine tax). Has anyone else seen this price? It's cheaper than B&H.
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That seems a little low for this new camcorder. Are you sure it's not the HV10 he's quoting? If it really is $925 for the HV20, where are you located? What part of Alabama?
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Does your dealer take out of state orders?
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Yes, I think they sell out of state. I've referred a few people to this dealer. They are called Custom Supply, Inc. and the website is http://mediasupplystore.com. But they don't really sell online. To order a camera, call and ask for Chris...he's helped me with the HV20. Phone number: 800-451-1425.

Note that they are really more geared toward professionals than consumers. I like dealing with them because (1) they are an authorized Canon dealer (2) they're an old-fashioned brick-and-mortar store with great customer service (3) they've got a smokin' price on the HV20! Also, Chris has been offering stellar follow up to my questions.

BTW, I have no affiliation whatsoever with this store, other than as a customer.
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thanks for the info Sean, that is heck of a price on HV20!
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Thanks Sean!
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Just got off the phone with Mediasupplystore. Got a Quote of 1025 + Shipping. Makes me want to try and get it around where I live. Rather have it in my hand before I go on vacation, then pray it doesn't get backordered or shipping problems. But I was told they will have the HV20 on March 30th.

David Malanick
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