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How do you guys bear watching television?

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Im getting an HD TV but I dont know how much Im gonna enjoy my set if when watching my tv shows theyre gonna look crappier than my old ass regular sd tv

What do you guys do to enjoy watching sd on hd? is it something you just accept? how was it the first time watching tv like this?
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i try to avoid sd.
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Its pretty much something you have to accept. Honestly, you get used to it. If your an avid movie buff or sportsfan you have much to gain. But if all you do is watch Antique Road Show, then an HDTV is not for you.
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Originally Posted by Desprate4Quality View Post

What do you guys do to enjoy watching sd on hd? is it something you just accept? how was it the first time watching tv like this?

My Runco does a fantastic job on SD, and I like it better than
my old CRT TV. However, it's gonna cost you, and I'm conerned about
the corners being slightly lighter on dark inputs.
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Sd?? What is that??

Have 4 standard definition CRT's to watch SD. Also have 42" plasma that handles Sd pretty well.

Two Pj's handle HD material.
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Have both cable & Dish HD including Voom channels, an upconverting DVD player, a ReadyNAS network box to stream movies and then you will barely watcvh any SD like me.
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HD is such a qualitative improvement over regular TV ( particularly true on mega size 8 ft diag range screens via HD front projection) - that one often ends up watching less TV overall and being more selective over how much one watches, along with generally avoiding SD whenever possible

If for example you are watching a golf tournament on that newly added HD Golf channel via Comcast Cable - it's literally like being there, whereas SD is just watching TV

Sort of like a small filet mignon steak over a large meat loaf -it can be much more satisfying

Less is more, especially when it's HD
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If you have to watch SD, you have to move back. In analog days, there was a reason for the old rule of viewing distance = 3 x diagonal. The reason is resolution, and SD basically duplicates analog, maybe slightly better or worse, but basically.

HD has more resolution and viewing distance rules are more like 1.5 x diagonal. If you view SD at that distance, it will absolutely suck. Move back to 2.5 or 3 X diagonal, it will look like SD. You will still be spoiled by HD and not want to watch SD, but it won't be COMPLETELY awful.
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I sit about 17 feet from my TV and standard def channels are really clear. Distance is the key. Other than a few free OTA high def local stations, all my viewing is standard definition. My satellite company doesn't offer enough HD channels to warrant the significant extra monthly charge right now. Sports and animals mating isn't my thing.
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Nothing wrong with SD I watch is on my FUNAI/Emerson EWL3706 with Clear Pixel Engine. I also have HDTV coming from the COX digital SD/HDTV Motorola DCT 6412 DVR Dual Tuners. I mostly run the SD QAM Tuner through Coax which is connected to the TV by R6 Ultra Coax Cable rated at 2.3GHz. SD/HDTV digital box is using HDMI. Both show very sharp picture in SD format.

To get it like that the boys at COX Service Tech Tier 3 spend quite a few hours and days here replace old coax cabling from 80's to give me what's current to day which is R6. I have 8 connections and 1 cable internet. For the 8 one side of the house has amp booster. From the street to house has brand new thicker gauge drop cable. In all the PQ and HQ is the best they got.
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SD looks pretty good on my Olevia 237v no complaints. After a while even if your sd looks a little worse you wont even think twice abot it its all in what you get used to. Absolutly a little more distance from the set dosent hurt a thing!! Didnt your mother ever tell not to sit to close the tv? LOL ! JK
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1. Order HD Cable/Satellite Service.
2. Get Over The Air UHF Antenna for broadcast HD. (Letterman looks great)
3. Get an HD DVD/BLUERAY DVD Player or an Upscaling DVD Player with HDMI 1080 out.
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tipstir has the right idea.

If you have plain old analog cable split too many times going into an huge HD set with a crappy scaler, yeah you'll have problems. Get a good RF signal, a digital cable box, and make sure you get a TV with a good scaler. As long as you don't sit 1 foot away from a 60" screen I'm sure it'll be fine.
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i watch sd on my westinghouse lvm37w1 and am happy with the quality. HD channels rock though!

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If you're paying for CATV and your SDTV or HDTV looks crappy on your LCD, don't you think is would be a good idea to get the Tier 3 service line tech out to correct the problem. Don't live with a bad coax lines. CATV will come out and replace them and the bad outside splitters that should be check once a year. Everyting outside should have protected water seal connectors or a sealed connection box for coax cable tv, coax cable internet, anc coax cable phone. Also it should all be neat with professional wire management with metal screw clips not just plastic tie wraps..

Check your Coax Cable - CATV
Rated 1.5GHz to 2.3 GHz for SD/HDTV with digital 24K ends (both ends)

Check your Coax Cable - SATV
Rated 2.3GHz to 3.0GHz for SD/HDTV with digtal 24k ends (both ends)

Make sure you home when these Tier3 guys or gals come out to your dwelling.
Everyone connection line should be setup correctly they do have line testers
to see where the signal is week. SDTV and HDTV requiremens are different than
on a standard CRT Tube set.

Both CATV and SATV is pretty expensive per year, stop and take notice of what I am telling you all, just don't stand for it, make the call and complain..

Also cable internet slow make sure you're using the right coax made for cable internet it's not the same coax cable you use for watching CATV.
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Oh, I thought you meant because TV is horrible. Because it is. In General. Without regard to resolution.
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Originally Posted by barneygumble View Post

Oh, I thought you meant because TV is horrible. Because it is. In General. Without regard to resolution.

No it's not, not where I live.. All SD channels are sharp at clear, HD are where they should be, but it took a lot of man hours from my cable company to make me happy with PQ. I forgot to mention above that the digital boxes from Motorola are plague with problems and do go BAD and produce a crappy picture when they're bad.. Again that's another call for Tier 3 service tech on SD/HDTV digital boxes..

Also the main coax feed line coming from the street pole to house might have to be upgraded also. That's a lot more man hours to do...
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SD Turdvision is OK and tolerable on my 57" Sharp but HD is what I view 90% of the time and still amazes me and has wow factor that "OLD ASS" TV never had and it was a 36" Sony CRT - no comparisons. Math is pretty simple as HD = 500-600% PQ improvement no matter how clear 480i looks that would defy the math.

HD/BD Player - HD Box and channels and a 1:1 panel kicking butt and nearly two years later it still makes me go wow nearly everyday - ZERO Regrets here.

Buy a Ferrarri Enzo and then park it in the garage that's what buying an HD TV for SD equates to. Invest in content and your rewarded in ways a CRT simply cannot IMO having owned both and being an aging older fart that loves what the panel does provided I invest in source content.
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Originally Posted by emg7777 View Post

i try to avoid sd.

I don't watch SD looks like shizz, after seeing your HD channels and movies why would you?
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I don't watch much SD anymore. HD has opened me up to a world of shows that I would have never watched before such as 24 and CSI. I find myself watching a lot more network tv shows because of this. I'm also a big sports guy, so 95% of the sports I watch are in HD. Pair that with an upconverting dvd player and I'm good to go.
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HD content isn't so strong here yet? I find myself watching Discovery HD more then I did before...
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