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Average age of PS3 owners? - Page 7

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19. And before you ask, I bought it, along with BD movies and games with my own income.
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55 Blu-ray only
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23...Someone tallying this?
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38. Not a gamer, and don't intend to be one.
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33 - I am a gamer but already have an XBOX 360 for games. The PS3 is for Blu Ray movies only, and will be sold as soon as someone releases a flagship, full-featured player that's reasonably future-proof.

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33 - not a gamer (though I've downloaded some of the demos and played around with them), bought for blu-ray to compliment my Tosh A2
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27, blu-ray and games.
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19 years old.

Xbox 360 games were too expensive to keep up with at $70 each. So, I stopped gaming and started getting into home theater.
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19 Years Old. Also own a Toshiba HD-A1.
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37 and yes I am a part time gamer
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30....probably about as close to a 50/50 split in terms of gaming and movies...
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Wow, I am only the second person in this thread who is under 18. Half the reason i bought it was for gaming, but the Bluray player is really what got me to sell my Wii (I learned I really don't like nintendo-style games) and purchase the PS3. I don't have an HD TV yet though, but that's what summer lawnmowing money is for. I can't wait to see Black Hawk Down in HD!
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I'm 38, going on 22 ;-)
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27 and i work hard to earn my ps3 by washing my gf's car
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I am 46 and about to purchase a PS3 as a bluray player for
my projector. In general my wife is very supportive of my HT purchases
as she loves watching movies in our little theater. However, I must say that
she is a little suspisious of this plan. I have never been a gamer.
I have tried to tell her it is not for the games, but sometimes I am not sure if I
believe this myself
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This thread is making me feel young. Keep it up.
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They probably average about 14.
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25 for a month more.
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For those who don't play games or want to play games but are afraid of buying a crappy game so you just mainly use it as a BD player. Here is a list of all the good games that will come out that you wont waste your money on because these games are totally worth it.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Gran Turismo 5
Killzone 2
Final Fantasy 13
Heavenly Sword
Assassin's Creed
Eight Days
Resident Evil 5
Getaway 3

These are all most likely to be quality games that are worth it!
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56 -- almost 57.

I bought it for Blu Ray, but my 14 yr old son uses it for both...
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