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Arcade decorations

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Anyone have any arcade area decorations? About a quarter of my basement will be dedicated to arcade games (the rest of it is open (pool table, tv etc). I am thinking some marquees. What else game related would be cool to hang up? Pinball Back glass was one thought...
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I framed pinball flyers and have them hanging on my walls.
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Check out this website: http://nicecarvings.com/index.html
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Originally Posted by marktm View Post

Check out this website: http://nicecarvings.com/index.html

In addition to about 20 marquees, I have six of the arcade carvings from the site listed above. Nice quality and they also do custom work.
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Marquees and arcade flyers would be my choices. Depending on what you want to spend you could always order custom sized reproduction cabinet side art and frame those.
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Where do you guys get your marquees from? How about any nicer arcade posters?
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Marquees are available on e bay.
I bought a sweet dragons lair and space ace arcade advertisement posters on e bay.
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would this work for you?

Looks kinda neat
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Originally Posted by FunkyBoss View Post

Where do you guys get your marquees from? How about any nicer arcade posters?

I've purchased around 20+ marquees from Ebay and here http://www.quarterarcade.com/Browse....Parts.Marquees

Most marquees run between $15 - $25 plus shipping. Shipping can be another
$7 - $12 so you want to buy them from one source if possible, then it's usually only $.50 - $1 more per marquee to ship.
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I've got a gumball and a candy machine in my arcade. I've also got a Neon arcade sign.
One of my favorite arcade decorations is a payphone. I bought it from eBay. The phone companies are taking these off the streets and selling them off. I bought mine from a guy that refurbs them. It is very clean and fully functional. The only problem is that if I am in my arcade playing a pin (or vid) and the phone rings, it scares the heck out of me. (those payphones have LOUD ringers)
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I have a 48" blacklight, Lazer Widow (aimed at the floor), disco ball and large neon clock. In different combinations, it adds to the 80's arcade mood. I also have a Ford gumball machine. Its a HUGE hit with my kids and their friends.

For high res arcade flyer scans, try http://www.arcadeflyers.com. They're nice enough to frame if you print them on a nice printer.
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Dino - If you don't mind me asking, where did you purchase your neon game room sign?


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