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Camcorder recommendations?

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I'm a newbie to this forum and currently looking for a digital camcorder that can give a good recording even indoor or outdoor. also, i hope to be able to edit this video so that when I put these bits and pieces of recording, i would be able to make a good video. I intend to use this for family gatherings and special moments. Can the experts of this forum make some suggestions? What should I look for, a camcorder that records on a mini-dvd, mini-dv or hd?

thanks a lot in advance!
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I still favor MiniDV. The problem with ALL camcorders under $2000 is poor low light performance. You are probably wanting to keep your purchase price under $2000? I don't have any good news to report in that price range. If you want good low light performance, spend the $2300 that the Sony VX2100 will cost you. If you just can't swing it, get used to poor indoor video under normal room lighting. This is true for all formats (MiniDV, MiniDVD and Hard Drive) camcorders. All manufacturers removed good low light performance from consumer priced camcorders starting in 2001. I think too many professionals were starting to buy cheap camcorders so the manufacturers got together and they all started making sucking camcorders at the same time and in all models under $2000. That was not an accident.

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply. You are correct, my budget is below $2000. Actually, I'm thinking that it should be below $500 but with the functionality that I require. What do you think of the panasonic gs320? or gs80? If i purchase with a miniDV, will I still be able to download it to my laptop and edit it? My concern with miniDVs is that I still needed to buy tapes which I think is a waste since you are still going to edit it. I'm leaning towards a camcorder with a hard drive with this in mind but from what i read from the forums here is that you can't edit the videos on those camcorders....and as for SD cards, they only have a very limited capacity for recording. Any idea how much can i record on a 4gb SD card?

Thanks again!
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