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1080p via VGA vs 1080i via HDMI

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Looking for some help here... I am a current Gamecube owner with a Samsung HL-R5668W 1080p DLP television. I am interested in getting either an Xbox360 and an HD-DVD add-on, or a Playstation 3.

Keep in mind that my Samsung will accept a 1080p input via VGA only... the HDMI is limited to 1080i.

I was told by a moderator that I cannot ask about a possible HDMI connection on an Xbox360 (still not sure how that is "spamming" when a search on the subject yeilds no results), so I will ask the following question:

What will give me a better image, both for gaming AND for movie watching? Connecting the Xbox360 via VGA will get me 1080p, but won't an HDMI connection at 1080i get me the benefit of crisper colors? Besides, the Samsung should convert the image back to 1080p by the time I see it anyway, right?

Also, without HDMI, will the Xbox360 be able to display HD-DVDs if it has the constraint token turned on?

I'm not really concerned with the whole "blu-ray vs hd-dvd" fight, or the amount of game titles... Assume they are both even for the sake of this thread.

So my whole question boils down to this:
1) 1080p via VGA (Xbox 360 option)
2) 1080i via HDMI (PS3 option)

This subforum is described as "not the place to talk about a specific game system." Since this question is about two systems rather than one, it seemed logical to place it here.

Thanks in advance!
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Colors should be the same on VGA or HDMI in an ideal world. Maybe the Xbox 360 is different and introduces something else into the mix affecting the colors.

If the token is turned on, HDMI will be required for HD-DVD on the 360. That said, I wouldn't even factor it in. The odds on this happening in anything other than the long-term are infinitesimal. They created their strategy and are moving forward, they do not want to alienate the very large group of early adopters who paid large dollars for displays which lack HDMI/DVI - this includes some very high end displays including CRT front projection.

1080i can carry a film based 1080p source and be deinterlaced back to 1080p with no loss. I would not concern myself with this. For games, the display will also deinterlace and display progressively.

I would not stress over the connections - it really should not be some mega night and day difference. Get the system you want that plays the games you want to play. For the most part they are very comparable from a capability standpoint and PS3 will get more games over time. Go to the store, buy one and try it - maybe buy both and return the one you don't like. Try the 360 with component as well as VGA - 1080p won't really matter so go with the connection you like best.
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