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Outdoor video/audio junction

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I am looking to add some permanency to my outdoor setup, and would like to utilize my receiver and DVD player inside my house (in my basement) and just permanently run some cables to an outside box that I can then just plug my projector into when I need it for movie nights. I am also getting some rock speakers to put out there as well, and would probably want to tie the speaker cabling through this box, too.

But I am not sure where to start. Ideally, I would run my video through cat5 cable from my DVD player (through a video balun) to the box, and in the box have a female terminal that I could then plug some cat5 cable into that would terminate with another balun to feed into my projector. I would, obviously, also need some speaker terminals in the box as well.

Therefore, I would only need to bring the projector out on movie night, run the cat5/breakout cable to the projector and be done. As it is now, I am trucking my entire receiver/DVD set up outside. Any ideas on what I am looking for, or what product/manufacturer I should look at for this outdoor junction box?
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Good idea! I have been thinking about the same idea. I was thinking of getting a long HDMI cable to send outside. That could go into a newer more cost effective reciever with HDMI. Then obviously that would be sent ot the pj. It would be much easier then always bringing all my units outside...
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Wow, great timing. I've got a similar concern with my outdoor theater. First, here's my setup: Permanent Speakers, Projector & Screen. The Projector (JVC DILA M5000) is hung/mounted in Garage, front-projecting out to my covered patio. Pull-down Screen will be mounted/recessed up in the pergola (structure covering the patio). The 5.1 surround sound speakers are hung from the pergola (via in-wall).

I've just installed a Network Media Box/Panel in the garage and PVC throughout the house which will act as my hub for all A/V and Data. Therefore, I'll be able to view/hear anything from my Mac, cable TV, Satellite, DVD and Music, etc. outdoors (Wow, just thought about using iChat - Cool!).

My problem: I'd like to use my current indoor Receiver for both my Outdoor Theater and my Indoor Theater. My receiver has "A" & "B" speaker zones, but the "B" zone has only two speakers (Left and Right), not all 5.1. Is there a Switcher or Selector Box that will allow me to use the 5.1 outdoors? Therefore, when watching a movie outside, I'd be utilizing the same speaker terminals on my Receiver (via Media Panel in garage) as the indoor theater, having to only press a button to re-rout the 5.1 outside.

I really hope that made sense. If not, I can clarify and/or send pics if that helps. Thank you so much for any advise. I'm a long-time observer of this Forum and want to thank you for this amazing resource.

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Kryzstov--I wish I had an answer on that one--have you done a search on Audio 5.1 switch to see what comes up? I did a brief search and nothing jumped out, but there has to be something out there that could do it for pretty cheap.

As it is, I have the same issue, but I am not going to concern myself with surround sound for my outdoor movies (at least this year), so I am content to just utilize the "B" speakers in stereo.

Edit: Found this on the web: http://www.colemanaudio.com/pdf/SR51SurroundPro

I don't know how much it is, though.
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Goto the local hardware store and buy a weather tight electric box. I found the kind with the clear cover that accepts plugs even when closed to work well. Mount the box to the house and stub in a small piece of 3/4" conduit to accept your RGB cables, etc. From there either run three = length RG-6 runs, or even easier buy a set of RGB cables to length. Since you are local I can recommend a great place to find them if you reply.
I think my 50' run was only $30.00. HDMI is also available depending on how many sources you want outside. Currently I have RGB for cable/sat and HDMI for my PS3 run to the same electric box.
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