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hi ive had one now for ten years and i love it still. i also have replaytv and hr20-700. the latter cant perform nearly as well. i replaced the hdd with a 750g one and its flawless. the first one went bad in 2006 and i put in the new one in 2009 and reactivated it. the webtv part works too but most websites require more memery than its got and dont look right. i love the search features. no new units can come close. the tivo functions are slso much better than the others. these are the best ever made even better than tivo the companys sets. dan
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Had to cancel service on my beloved SAT W60 after nearly 10 years. I just couldnt stomach DirecTV raising rates again (third annual raise) with no added value. Lost complete seasons of recorded shows within minutes of the phone call. They even asked for the smart card back. I installed larger HD twice to quiet the impending failures and replaced the tuners two years ago. Other than that it performed beautifully - really hate to give it up.

Replaced with a Dell Media Center computer (Windows Media Center has many simularities with UTV) and getting over the air local channels. Added an Apple TV for streaming. Hope HBO extends their streaming service to non subscribers soon! No $130/month DirecTV bill has already paid for the replacement.

I was contemplating a move to HD anyway but DirecTV forced my hand.

UTV was ahead of its time.
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Sorry to hear about your bad experience with DirecTV. If they'd let you keep the Access Card and it'd been "offline" (and stayed off the Sat afterward) when you called you'd have still had access to your recordings. Might have given you at least a few days to dump the recordings to Tape/DVD before needing to send back the card.

Appreciate the heads up on the Windows Media Center (UTV similarities). I picked up a DTVPAL DVR which I've used very little but seems like a rather nice Standalone... Basically a glorified OSD/Program Guide activated VCR.
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sorry to hear that tinkerin. they offered me a cut rate when i had to cancel once. they should have done the same for u. therye now the most expensive and they used to be the most economical.
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