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Got another UTV from Ebay, 35 hour. It came today UPS and my used hard drive came in the mail. Both tuners work on the receiver and the hard drive tested OK. The HD is a WD1200JB SE.
I did the card swap Refresh Your Services online with a card I had in a Samsung S300w. By the time I did it online and went upstairs to check it was looking for the guide. Then I tested the modem, OK
The drive was used, so I wrote zeros using the WD diagnostics after I checked it. While it was writing zeros I connected to MSN with the receiver to make sure that was OK.
Next I put the new drive in and cleaned the dust out while I was in there. Connected everthing back up and turned it on. It dialed home to do the update. It didn't ask anything about a webtv account. At about step 270 it timed out and asked if I wanted to continue. When it started again it picked up where it had left off and finished in just under two hours. Now I have 105 hours and everything works. Got the locals and HBO in about 15 minutes.
I already had one UTV in the house so it all works. Under $95 for another one. Already have a 40 GB in my desktop from my first one I did.