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I am looking for some advice regarding an upgrade to my basement home theater that I completed about 3 years ago. The space is about 20'x17' and I currently have a 5.1 speaker system driven by 5 channels of a 7 channel Outlaw power amp.

I built my own center, fronts and side surrounds which all derive from the Audax HT kit with upgraded crossovers. Although homebuilt, these are extremely good loudspeakers in my opinion. I now want to upgrade to a 7.1 system by adding two speakers. My current surrounds are two-way bookshelf style and I have never been that happy with the directness of the sound from these "monopoles". I am thinking of moving them to the rear and buying a pair of bipole/dipoles for the sides. There is no design out there for Audax style bipoles/dipoles and the cabinetry is a lot more complex than I want to tackle. I have been thinking of buying a commercial pair. I have looked at the AV123 RS300, the axiom QS8 and the Polk Fxi5 and LsiFX.

The only ones I have heard (obviously) are the Polks and I liked both, although the Lsi especially. The Lsi is really stretching my budget since no store is willing to discount them locally. Can anyone share any experiences here? Perhaps owners of the RS300s and QS8 could chime in. I am also willing to consider anything else that I have missed.