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Here's why I still PC game

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Just some coming attractions...

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nice list indeed

OT: the more I go to IGN the more I notice how slow and clunky it is. they really need a redesign...
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I still PC game because ever since Thief, I've enjoyed games that require a bit more precision, skill and thought. I do own a PS2 and a Wii and I've not really had that experience with any games on the console other than run and shoot (unprecise and off target).

I'm playing Red Steel on the Wii and it reminds me of this. I was clearly way off because I can't get the aiming right and I took a shot. It killed the guy but I was off by a mile.

The IGN list is nice..more reason to game on PC.
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I guess Crysis is no longer "coming soon"....
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I've been playing Silent Hunter IV the past few days. It's a damn good game and the graphics have gotten a nice little overhaul since the last game.
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Originally Posted by Favelle View Post

I guess Crysis is no longer "coming soon"....

Well, the title of the article is "The PC Games of Spring 2007", and no Crysis is certainly not coming in the next 3 month's.
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I don't know how you guys keep up with all these games. I have a hard time finishing the 10 or 12 games a year that I get.
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Stryker, I would have also gotten into Silent Hunter IV, wow what a complex game. Perfect for the PC. I prob will after I get bored with Stalker.

squidboy, I dont really finish all my games. I get bored of them. Having a small HD also drives me to uninstall when something new comes along.
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-less structure for devlopers

that's why my aging pc is getting the attention, and i'm selling (maybe) my 360. i don't have plans to upgrade my pc (maybe a small vid card bump if i get a killer deal), but the games i like playing (and fps'ers are big for me now) are just so great

athlon 64 3200+
1gb ram

counterstrike source, and battlefield 2 is coming in the mail; i've also been replaying both KOTOR's, with a TON of mods; fun stuff. some of the mods are really excellent, skins, and most of all force powers. great stuff, and it loads in no time compared to the ugly, slow xbox

i'll probably get back into, or buy another 360 in time to get my "next gen" fix, but for now it's sitting over there, and i'm sitting here playing some great pc games
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