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SONY ES receiver: "protector" error

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Hi. I have a SONY STR-V333ES receiver in perfect working order for about 7 years. Last week, while watching T.V., the audio suddenly stopped and the display read "PROTECTOR" and "POWER UNIT OFF". I powered the receiver off and back on again within a few minutes and still no sound.

There is usually an audible click heard from the unit after powering up, just before the audio comes on. That is no longer heard. The A+B Speaker select switch also no longer produces the internal "click" when switching speakers.

Any ideas from sony receiver users?



Sony STR-V333es recevier connected to 5.1 speakers
optical inputs from directv box and dvd player
analog inputs from phono and vhs deck
audio has never been played at very high volumes (high enough to force unit to overheat)
Unit has enough ventilation on sides and top/bottom
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Your amp circuits are shorted out. This happened to me with my Sony receiver about a year ago. There is nothing you can do on your end, you need to take it in for repair. Mine cost $175 if I recall. Yours will likely cost more because its an ES. I chose to repair mine because I was holding out for the new AVR I want (which is FINALLY coming out in 2 to 3 months) and I figured $175 was cheaper then anything I could get in the league of my receiver (which is from before Sony went to hell).
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The Sony may have a shorted component inside..

However before junking the unit check the following..

Disconnect ALL speaker wires form the Sony.
Now power it up..
What happens?
1. Protect still indicates in the display, then problem inside the Sony.
2. If no Protect indication..
Now check each speaker wire connection carefully, twist the wire titely and reinsert in the speaker post. Make sure NO little strands are shorting either to one another or the chassis. Also check the same on the back of each speaker.

Good luck..
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Definitely check your speaker connections, both at the amp and at the speakers. If something has come loose and come into contact with something it shouldn't touch, that could explain the message. However, when that happened to mine, there was still sound initially upon powering up. The unit would then shut down after detecting an issue.
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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the info and recommendations. I'll try them as soon as I can.

Ever since I got the "protector" error, the amp seems to power up normally with no errors, just no sound as well.

I live in Brooklyn and rely on mass transit. I'm not looking forward to popping this thing into a backpack and trekking to midtown Manhattan for a fix!

Hope this works!
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