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Bryston 9BSST --- HEAT from one channel?

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I've had a Bryston 9BSST now for about 4 years...no issues. This is a four channel amp that I use for surround purposes only from a D2. This past Sunday, I noticed that the second channel had gone off (amber light instead of normal green).

I placed my hand on the top of the suspect channel and it was literally scalding HOT in comparison to the rest. I powered off the AMP for about 5 minutes. I turned it back on and the channel came on...green light. For about two hours, I watched a movie and no issues. Heat was normal on all four channels.

Next morning, I turned on system and left TV on for about ten minutes. I come down and channel is still on and working but it is scalding HOT again. Turn off system and report problem to Bryston.

Bryston asks me to change my speaker connections around to rule out speaker, wire or D2 causing issue. I switch surround right channel with surround back channel including the balanced connection from the D2.

Now, it seems that the problem is intermittent. This morning, I turn on system and leave TV running for about ten minutes. I check and channel is still on but it's literally scalding HOT. I turn off AMP and let it coold down for 5 or 10 minutes. I turn it back on and it runs fine....not heating up.

Should I bring this thing in for service.......long drive (I'm in Canada not far from Bryston) heavy, heavy amp. For all I know, this AMP has been working in this manner for some time and I only checked because the channel went off.

The unit is on the top of my stand so it's not enclosed. It has the middle channel empty with 2 configured channels on either side. The suspect channel is the second one on the left as you're looking at the amp from the front. Any ideas what is happening here and if this is a concern? Thanks.
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Send it in, why trouble yourself anymore. I am also an owner of Bryston products, although I have never had an issue like you are having. Bryston will, as you know, make it right. They go above and beyond and will take care of you. Email James Tanner and he is quick to respond, and may have a few alternate places for you to get amp to?
Good luck, and at least you have an amp with the type of warranty Bryston offers.
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agreed. you paid for the exceptional warranty and service, don't hesitate to use it in the rare event you need to. it won't fix itself, unfortunately.
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Thanks, I guess that's the sensible thing to do. What a bummer.
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Yes sometime Sh*t happens, i own a 4B for more than 25 years and it did let me down once 15-17 years ago at the time when i bought it the warranty was only 5 years so i tried to fixed it my self and try to find new output transistors and end up calling the shop who sold me my 4B and they told me the 20 years warranty was retroactive to all Bryston amp :-) so i sent it back and got it fix and i got it back with a health ticket 100% ok they did check everything on it and still rocking hard since.
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I agree with all the folks above. But I wouldn't drive it there (unless its less than an hour and you made prior arrangments with Byrston) but instead ship it with a reputable courier. I have shipped my SP 1.7 (pre pro) and 10B (crossover) to get updated. Bryston ships the stuff back in a new box (if you old box has seen better days).
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