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I am thinking of getting my RX-V659 exchanged for the RX-V1600 or RX-V1700.

I live in India and don't have much choice. I realized after I bought the RX-V659 that its YPAO is low end. It doesn't correct front speaker anomalies, and doesn't even provide manual equalization for the same.

I want to make sure that whichever model I go with (the 1600 or 1700) has the full fledged version of the YPAO, that includes "flat" optimization as well as manual eq. The guys over here don't even agree to a demo so I need to make sure I get this feature I want before buying it.

In what way is the 1700 better over the 1600 as far as audio is concerned? I've heard that the 1600 doesn't equalize LF very well. Yamaha claims the 1700 is better at equalizing down to 32 Hz. Anyone can vouch for this?