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I'm trying to get back into the swing of video, I have an old hi8 sony camcorder I want to replace with something either miniDV or HDD. 1 project I'm interested in working on is making a DVD based game (think "Scene-it" but without the gameboard). Obviously most of the work for this will be done in the menu making and authoring stage, from what I've read, miniDV is easier to edit, the problem I have is that transfer takes place in real time. and a miniDV tape only holds 60 minutes of footage.

I've been looking at the sony DCR-SR40 and DCR-SR60 cameras, I'm just wondering how hard it will be to do what what I want to do with this. can anyone give some insight. I'm looking to spend in the 400 dollar range (I've found a few of these cameras on ebay and various places for approx 400-500). I don't need super professional quality or features but I like options like manual focus, white balance, etc. to give me some control over the picture.

what software would you recommend to edit this type of project? (using a PC)