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Denon 887/987 receiver ?

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I am, like everyone else it seems, wanting to get an HDMI receiver for my HD DVD and BluRay players for the new audio formats (uncompressed PCM, Dolby HD, DD +, ect.) I currently own the Onkyo 703 and was really looking at three brands. The Onkyo 804 (weary about hum problem), the Yamaha (6090, possibly 5990), and the Denon 987/887. I am interested to know about the Denons sound. I haven't heard them but have heard people say that they don't sound as powerful as the Onkyo? Is this correct? I listened to the 687? at CC playing a HD DVD and it sounded decent but it's so hard to tell there. Any Denon owners could tell me what there volume averages for HDTV or for DVDs, HD DVDs, ect. ? I really like the sound of the Onkyo and don't want to get a Denon and it be where I have to turn it up to the + side just to get the same powerful sound as the Onkyo. If I got the 887 or 987, do you think coming from the Onkyo, that I would be satisfied? Any info is appreciated about the Denons or any of the other receivers mentioned.

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Every receiver treats volume differently. Just because an Onkyo might sound louder at a lower volume dial doesn't necessarily make it more powerful. It's been a while since I've played with an Onkyo, but (depending on the speakers), midrange Denon receivers seem to be at about "reference level" in an average sized room with most speakers at -8 to -6 dB. Of course, a more difficult loud can affect this as well. What kind of speakers will you be using?

I actually prefer Denon's sound over Onkyo, but we're all different. It would really help to know what speakers you're driving. The best possible scenario is to see if you can find a good dealer that will allow you to hook your own speakers up to the Denon and see if you notice anything different.

The AVR-987 is identical to the AVR-2807 sold at specialty stores. It's an award winning receiver with excellent bass management, nearly flawless HDMI switching and lots of other great features for the price. It's one of the best-selling receivers in Denon's line. The AVR-887 is similar the AVR-2307CI, minus RS232 control for automation systems for $100 cheaper.
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Originally Posted by chunkisagoonie View Post

It would really help to know what speakers you're driving.

My speakers are Infinity Primus 7.1 2 (250) floors, 2 (150) surrounds, 2 (140) surround backs, 1 (C25) center, and Velodyne VRP1200 sub.

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