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KDS50A2000 Pc inputs?

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Well heres the deal i want to hook up my computer to my tv and i have no idea what to use to hook up, on the specs it states a d-sub 15 pin connector for pc input, and i googled and it says it is VGA i thought this set didn't have vga? So what do i use to connected my pc? and how high can the res go if i hook it up? I have a 8800 gtx and it does hdcp and supports very high resolutions so i thought i would run some of games at 1080.

Thanx in advance and sorry for the nooby questions.
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It does have vga ,dont use it its limited on resolution it can take. You can use a DVI to HDMI cable , set the resolution to 1980x1080
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I thought Vga did up to 1080p? hmm gotta find out how much a dvi to hdmi adapter would cost. Whats the Highest Res Vga can do?
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Originally Posted by darkstorm995 View Post

I thought Vga did up to 1080p? hmm gotta find out how much a dvi to hdmi adapter would cost. Whats the Highest Res Vga can do?

No, Sony... and most TV manufacturer's VGA ports are crippled. I believe this can be gone around by using a VGA -> HDMI converter. Samsung is the only RPTV manufacturer that I can think of that will do 1920x1080p 1:1 pixel mapping via VGA/DVI.
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Here's where the fun begins - can I *SAFELY* use one of my Sony's HDMI inputs via converter to display my HTPC's output, at the SXRD's native resolution, when my vid card is set correspondingly? Or am I actually stuck with the D-Sub connection? Let's assume I can display digitally from my vid card...
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BTW - the Canadian OM for my KDS-50A2000, on page 60, clearly states the resolution choices in it's "PC Input Signal Reference Chart" - it says WXGA at 1360x768@60hz is tops, which is *almost* pixel-perfect 720p territory?

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That would be "pixel perfect" on most 720p native sets, but the A2000 / A2020 are 1080p native so the set would be up scaling anyway.

I suspect the only reason Sony (and others) do this (crippled VGA port, "Don't use HDMI for pc" warnings) is to avoid the tech support calls - you know, "My TV is a piece of crap, its cutting off the edges of the picture!" - from people who would otherwise have no idea what so ever that TV's are designed with overscan.

Some sets (direct view flat panels) do have settings to eliminate the overscan and show a 1:1 pixel mapped image, others (RP) give you the choice of 1:1 pixel map with overscan, or overscan reduced / eliminated but picture scaled down and no more 1:1 mapping.

That being said, I run my HTPC into my 60A2000 through the HDMI and, other than the inevitable overscan , it looks great.
Now if Nvidia would just get off of their collective a$$'s and fix the overscan compensation for the 8800 all will be wonderful
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Is this the kind of cable i would need to run my pc at 1080p? I can do with the edges cutting of a little, as long as i can see full screen and good quality.
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Yes, right cable, as long as you have DVI-out on vid card! I recommend you review settings on PC side as per SXRD manual, select accordingly, and let TV upscale as per DaBuzzard...
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thanx for all the help, ill be moving my room soon and thats when i will hook up my tv and all. Now to figure out how to play computer games on my couch 6 feet away Might have to get the 360 controller working.
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