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Infinity RS3s - center speaker recommendations

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I have a pair of Infinity RS 3s that I have always liked and would like to use them as mains for a second system. What center channel speakers would timbre match well with these? Thanks in advance for your opinions.
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You can normally find used Infinity CC3's on Ebay fairly cheap. Thats what would match them exactly.
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Bluer, thanks, any others? Surely there are Infinity owners out there who have suggestions.
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Infinity's CC center speakers would do fine with the RS series. THe CC-1 CC-2 and CC-3 wouldgo fine with those, but the CC-3 is the best of the three. I myself i have a CC-1 and CC-2, and they're quite exeptional.
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Looking at the picture it seems these are the same line of speakers I know with the model designations of:

Infinity Reference 2000.1
Infinity Reference 2000.2
Infinity Reference 2000.3
Infinity Reference 2000.4
Infinity Reference 2000.5

etc... I have the .5 model, very nice sounding speaker
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I suggested the CC3 because thats what I run and got it off E-bay cheap. I used to run the CC2 and there was a noticable change to the CC3. I also have the RS5's towers, 4 RS1's for surrounds, 2 BU 120 subs. Then have 2 RS3's for a stereo in another room. You really cannot go wrong with that series.
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Hey Bluer, how did this set up sound? I pretty much have the same stuff in my basement waiting for me to buy a house. I just picked up some RS5s of craigslist a CC3 off ebay (still waiting for it) I have had a set of RS3 I used for music and loved them. I also, picked up 5 RS1s off ebay to use as surrounds. I was planing on using the RS3s as mains but picked up the RS5s. I Think I need a new receiver to do 9.2 lol I have and Onkyo 706 that works great. Currently in my apartment I run 3x tss sat 1200 for fronts and center and 4x tss sat 800 and a little 10" polk sub. The 1200s I got off ebay for $20 each I went back to order 6 more but the over sold and gave me the 800s for $12 each and refunded me $8 each. I am very happy with them with movies but they are lacking for music. I am just excited and cant wait to buy a house to get a theater set up.

My main question would be, how is the timbre with the RS1s and others? I know this a very old post and you probably have new speakers but from the best of your memory. Thanks in advance.
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