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I recently bought a Sony STR-DG1000 receiver (similar in most respects to the 3200ES and 5200ES series) and PS3 to be able to output better sound from the HD DVD (and now Blu ray) players utilizing HDMI 1.2a. To start with, the Sony DG1000 has (what I consider) a convoluted setup. It allows reassignment of inputs, but in a limited way. I currently use RGB component connects (because I have 4 video devices). So, the HDMI audio was all that was required out of the Sony DG1000 Receiver. I hooked the PS3 and A2 to the receiver via monoprice (3') HDMI cables and the video was connected outboard to an INDAY RGB4X-R component switcher (so video never entered the receiver).

Now the weird part... The PS3 passes 1080i component while connected to HDMI with no trouble. But, the Toshi A2 reverts to 720p as long as the unit is connected via HDMI (tried various cables) to the Sony DG1000. Yes, it for some reason changes the resolution from 1080i to 720p on the A2 (even though I'm not even using to for video). If I disconnect the HDMI cable (and use toslink or analog), then I can pass 1080i again...