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Monoblock Amp On Loudspeaker For LFE  

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I'm debating on which subwoofer I should get. Then I thought to myself, "I should hook an amp to the Low Frequency terminal on my Misson 704 loudspeaker."

This way, I can save a few hundred dollars and use the subwoofer pre-out on my 575x in order to take advantage of Low Frequency Effects encoded on DVDs.

Is this worth doing or is a subwoofer the better choice? How would I do this with both my 704s? (i.e. two created subs)

The 704 is rated at 20-250 watts (8 ohms)..what is a safe amplifier wattage that I can use without blowing out the 8" cone?
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As long as you tell your processor that you have "no" sub, you aren't going to gain anything that wasn't already there other than making a little more power available, and being able to boost the level. The problem is that no 8" driver is going to do an LFE track justice. Save up for a nice subwoofer, you will get much more improvement without screwing up how your speakers sound for music either. As far as bang-for-buck, check out SVS subs. You may have to wait a short time as they are in relatively high demand for a fairly small company, but this would be well worth the wait as compared to the majority of available subwoofers. The next step in keepin the cost of a high performance sub down would be the Do-It-Yourself avenue.

Mark Seaton
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Dear Mark and Others,

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking the same about the weak 8" cone.

I looked into the SVS subs, and I'm a fan. They look like HSU's line of cylinder subs.

However, SVS is a bit outta my price range. I listened to Definitive Technology's ProSub 100TL, which I enjoyed. What are some other reputable models for under $600 MSRP?
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My suggestion for the most bang for buck would be to pick up SVS's 25-31CS. For $399, you are on your way to a great sub, and all you need is an amp. If you happen to have an older reciever or amp around, I would step up to the 20-39CS, and then start saving and searching Ebay for a used amp. You can use the internal crossover in your reciever, and things should be all good. The best part is that you then have something you can upgrade easily and at a reasonable cost, or even add a second 20-39CS at a later date. Finally, as I had mentioned before, if budget is stressed, and your bass appetite large, consider the DIY route also.

Mark Seaton
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