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. Until recently, I had not really considered any receivers outside the Denon line, but some recent opportunities to audition some older models of the B&K and Marantz lines has had me considering them as well.

I currently have a Denon AVR-3300, I am looing for opinions and information on B&K and Marantz receivers that would be an equal trade or upgrade to my current receiver. There are several things I need to gain/keep in a new receiver:

1. I need at least the same number of A/V and digital inputs as the AVR-3300, I would really like to get another coaxial digital input.

2. I don't want to lose component video switching, but would do so if I really feel I am getting more from a new receiver.

3. I would REALLY like to have a built in AC-3 RF input. Or at least to be able to assign more than one digital input to one device. One of the biggest disappointments I have had in the 3300 is that I had to use up both my LD and my VCR2 inputs to get both DD and DTS out of my LD player with my Yamaha RF demodulator. This isn't a must, but it would be really nice.

4. I would like to know which models have HDCD decoding.

5. What about upgradability, I know that the top B&K model is pretty upgradable, I am interested in DPL2, and if I go with one of the higher end models, I am interested in DTS-ES discrete and all that. ES/EX is not a neccessity, as long as it is DD and DTS and has basically the same advantages I get from the 3300 with the great musicality of the B&K and Marantz lines I want it on my "to audition" list.

Any other comments would be appreciated. I have been trying to get more info on my own, but most of the websites I have been checking out that actually have the specs are not very blind-person friendly, and I have not been able to get a flat, simple text list of specs like one can get on the Denon models.

Thanks in advance,

C.E. Tekell