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Can a Sub be placed in a cubby?

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I have a 17.25" W by 18" D by 31.5" H cubby space in a cabinet where i planned to put a sub. The enclosure is 3/4 Walnut plywood, with a closed back and open front (no doors).
I'm 90% music, and driving the system with a Denon 4306. My fronts are Monitor Audio GS10's (bookshelf speakers with 6" woofer), with MA GSLCR center.
I'd like to get to get a sub south of $2k, in a walnut finish, and i wondering if:

- is enclosing the sub a bad idea? I can make it an end table if need be.
- will i see a big improvement in overall performance of my system upgrading from my current DCM? Keep in mind, i don't crank the system (wife, kids, dog, cats, etc.)
- any recommendations out there for a 17.25" W unit in a dark finish? I just found out the SVS ultra is 18" (whoops)
- is buying from a DIY recommended? If so, which one?
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i think its ok, i have a PB10 in a cubby thats....w17xd20xh25. the back of the cubby was closed but i opened it up so that the PB10 could fit right through. To me it sounds pretty good, the sub is sitting on the packing foams that came with the sub and it blends in pretty well with the mains (sub crossover at 80hz). It pretty much fills up living room space which open to kitchen, hallway and stairs (i could imagine what a bigger sub can do). Oh i almost forgot where the sub is placed in the cubby.......its corner loaded also (cavity in a wall).
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I have my sub in an alcove.

Here is the thread where I ask HSU about it with some pics further down the thread.


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thanks for the response. Looks like the alcove approach is cool, which is good news. How do you like your PB10 and HSU? I'm trying to finalize a decision on a sub, but am constrained by the 17 W x 18.5 D x 31.5 H.
I was looking at an SVS cylindrical sub but the shortest is 31.5" tall. I'm short by a 1/2 inch!
I can't demo half the subs i want so i'm relying on readers' input here on the forum.
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Personally, I wouldn't put a sub inside a cabinet, because of the potential of rattles and resonances. I just purchased an SVS 20-39 PC+, which I love. I placed mine behind my two main seating areas, centered about four feet from each. This worked better for me than a corner placement, which SVS recommends.
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thanks for getting back FLBoy. Based on your recommendation, I'm going to do a dry run in the cubby with a sub to see if it rattles before I get hung up on finding a sub to meet the dimensions. I'm still bummed about the 25-31 PC Plus being 1/2 too tall.
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