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Vizia 4 scene controller with Harmony 1000?

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Has anybody gotten the Vizia 4 scene controller to work with the Harmony 1000 remote?
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Originally Posted by Cherokee180c View Post

Has anybody gotten the Vizia 4 scene controller to work with the Harmony 1000 remote?

I wish I had the answer, but instead I have the same question, but with the Harmony 890 remote.
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There is a thread in which this is discussed here:


The last few pages has people complaining that this won't work right. I was looking for the same info, as I have a Harmony 890PRO remote and am about to install a bunch of Vizia devices.

I was disappointed people are having issues. I had an idea which may or may not work. If you have an IR Blaster (or whatever the Z-Wave to IR bridge is called) can you program buttons on the remote to send commands out on IR?

If so, you might be able to work around the issue. The Vizia scene and zone controllers have IR receivers which are intended to match an optional IR remote from Leviton. Might it be possible to control the zone and scene controllers that way?
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The 1000 does not support Levition Z-Wave switches yet. The 890 does. I have both.

Regarding the 4 button controller here is what I have tried but it does not work:
1 - Name a z-wave device on the remote.
2 - Remove the remote from the USB port and go to the 4 button controller.
3 - Add the device to the network using the 890. (Hold buttons 1 & 3 down until amber and then use the 890 remote to pair.)
4 - Connect the 890 back to the computer and update the software.
5 - Go to the Levition Controller and hold down one of the four buttons until it is green.
6 - Go around the house and set the levels of the Z-Wave switches or one Z-wave switch.
7 - Press the green lit button from step 5 on the Z-Wave Controller which will turn off the light.
8 - The instructions state to update the remote again once the Z-Wave Controller has been programmed. This is where it get's fuzzy as there is not a re-pair or re-download function on the 890.

Anyway, the 4 button controller blinks red when I press the button which it is supposed to do but it does not turn any lights on or off.
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Thanks Alfred, I appreciate the input.

That's disappointing to say the least. Hopefully, Logitech will fix it but I'm not holding my breath. I would guess their efforts would go into the 1000 at this point, but I hope I am wrong.

I am going to go forward with the Vizia devices anyhow, as they seem to be the best currently available in Z-Wave.
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Actually the 1000 does support Vizia Z-wave devices, just not properly. Check my previous posts. I have an eight device network of dimmers working fine on the 1000 with the exception that the brighter and dimmer commands do not work well at all. There are a lot of issues however. For instance, if you have an issue with a device getting "lost" on the network where the remote will not control it anymore, the remove device command will not let you resync to the switch. When you select the switch again, normally the first time through it prompts you to press a button on the dimmer to add it. After you delete the dimmer, it just show up again as normal, but will no longer work and you can not add it again. The only solution is a pain in the butt. You have to wipe out the entire RF network settings and rebuild it from scratch. I also had to delete and re-add my projector today to get the direction buttons to work again. Unfortunately for some reason it wiped out one of my Z-wave dimmers off my network and I had to reconfigure everything again. Z-wave programming on the 1000 is poor at best right now.
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I believe there is no intention of the Harmony product supporting the In Wall Scene controller at this time.
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I bailed on this pipe dream in light of Harmony bailing on Zwave for the 1000 remote. IMHO the 1000 is really a giant turd now as far as remotes go. Anyway the leviton remote works extremely well and the scene controllers are easy to set up.
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I want my turd to control the lights. Logitech's official response now after months of it's coming is that the 1000 does not support Z-Wave lighting control.

Please call Logitech's executive offices to complain.
Americas Headquarters
6505 Kaiser Dr.
Fremont, CA 94555 USA
+1 510-795-8500
Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm PST

or ask for the Harmony 1000 product manager.
Logitech Remote Controls Group - Business Office
2355 Skymark Avenue, Suite 100
Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 4Y6
+1 905-273-4571 Main
+1 905-273-9789 Fax
Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm EST

If the get enough negative customer feedback maybe they will change their minds.
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