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I am having an issue with my box. It is a 6208 that i own and use with the local cable co. The reason why i bought my own is 2 years ago they just added HD service, but did not have DVR boxes. I bought my own and they activated it no problem and it has worked fine ever since.

This past week i have been having an issue with the TV guide not downloading for a week straight. I tried a soft boot, unplug, replug, no work. I tried a hard boot unplug, replug with power/menu pressed. Went through the DL process fine, EF, FP, then flashes "SEnd" then "rFSh" on the LCD screen. I called my cable co and they are sending someone later this week to check my lines. I also asked if they caried DVR boxes now and what models. They told me they carry 64xx and 34xx series boxes. I asked if they carried the 6208 and they said no. I think i fixed the problem troubleshooting the signal strength using the 6208. Turnes out i had a loose jumper box on the back of the cable input. Signal strength went from poor to good. Cable now works good and guide downloads fine on a digital non HD box. So i think i fixed the original issue but may have messed up my box by doing a hard reset on my box while being in a service area that does not support 6208's. So if they are not supporting or flashing software/firmware upgrades for the 6208, how can i get my box to work again? Is there anyway for me to download and load the software/firmware myself using a laptop? Thanks for any help.