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My equipment:

Sony 55a2020 (55" sxrd tv)
Onkyo TX-SR674 receiver
OPPO DV-981HD dvd player
Xbox 360
Sony 5 disk cd changer

Most of this stuff is straight forward but the video components have me confused. The receiver I bought has HDMI switching and upconversion from analog so I can wire everything into the receiver and run one HDMI cable to the TV. So that means that all of my components will display on one TV input right?

How does that work with calibration/avia? Is it better to have all video sources running to one input and that input is calibrated? Will one video source require different TV settings then another? Do you calibrate the equipment itself? Or is it better to have a dedicated TV input for each video source?

This question is probably more confusing then it needs to be hopefully it gets my question across.

Any help would be appreciated and if you need additional info please let me know.

Thank you !!!