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Verizon Fios TV vs Comcast HD  

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Just installed Fios TV 2 days ago...what a disappointment compared to the Comcast HD service I had for a year. Comcast offers a vast amount of High Def content on their On Demand Service, while Verizon Fios TV offers none! Not even the pay-per-view movies are offered in HD. Comcast offers loads of HBO, Showtime, Starz High Def On Demand...Verizon none. I just spent hours on the phone with Verizon and most of their agents know little about HD.

I also think the HD picture quality on Comcast is superior and I am seriously thinking of switching back to Comcast...what a disappointment.
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I guess you should learn to do more research before making a decision, it's pretty clear from the FiosTV website what they do and do not currently offer. They are currently working on most of the things you mentioned though. I have Cox which also doesn't have any of that, and who knows if they're even working on it.

As for the quality, I highly doubt that claim. At worst, it should be the same given the right wiring and hookup.
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If you had taken the time to check, you would have seen that FiOS offers no HD on Demand. They will offer it in 2007 but not for awhile. I was fully aware of this but switched anyway as I can not one bit about On Demand, HD or not. That you were not aware of it it on you not FiOS. As for HD picture quality, I find the FiOS PQ to be better then Comcast. CSN-HD looks much better on FiOS than on Comcast. I also must question your motives here. Only 2 posts and you post this slamming FiOS in favor of Comcast. Considering all the FUD going on in the HD/BD world, I am very suspecious of these kinds of posts, especially ones that are so againt the grain. In short, if you preferred the Comcast service so much, switch back.
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Alan, any other place you'd like to post this? You seem to be all over the internet as well as all over AVS. You are becoming highly suspect sir.
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Wow. I don't think I'd switch from a provider that I like so much to a provider I know very little about without doing some rudimentary homework on the new provider.

To my knowledge, FiOS has never stated (in any of their ads on on their website) they have HD VOD or HD PPV. Why did you think they did?

One thing we do agree upon is that FiOS agents know little about HD.

As for the HD PQ - wow, if Comcast has superior HD PQ, then I am very impressed. I admit I'm a little dissapointed with FiOS SD PQ, but that is only because I had extremely high expectations after reading rave reviews here.
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Please look for yourself on the Fios TV website for any details about HD content in their On Demand. It's not there...
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It is not there because there isn't any. They ran a couple tests but that is it. Noone ever said there was.
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Do you work for Comcast? If On demand HD cantent is a deal breaker, than go back to comca$t and pay more money with less channels.
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Originally Posted by alanjross View Post

Please look for yourself on the Fios TV website for any details about HD content in their On Demand. It's not there...

You're kidding with this statement right? It's not there because they never had it! They never claimed they had it!!! Don't blame them because of your unbelievably poor research skills. But Alan, you seem to be on a mission since you've posted in virtually every forum known to man.....why would that be? As others have pointed out, it's YOUR fault you 'thought' they had HD VOD. This info was there for anyone with even the most rudimentary research skills. As others have pointed out, why would you have moved from your prior provider if they were so good?

Me smells a troll.
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Sounds like a Comcast employee to me.

FiOS doesn't have HD VOD yet, so that's a reasonable criticisim, but as others have said, you should of known that before you switched.

I don't see how anyone could say the HDTV PQ on Comcast is superior. There is not a Comcast system in the country that passes high-definition channels at higher bitrates than FiOS (in many cases, they are equal).
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I have Comcast right now and I am switching to FIOS on Monday. The lack of On Demand HD concerned me a little bit but within the last week or so it seems like Comcast has been reducing the amount of On Demand HD that they are offering. I checked today and they are no longer listing the Discovery Channel which was my favorite. After doing alot of research on this board I am excited to be switching over to FIOS. Not to mention that they would not offer me any special deals until Verizon moved in because, and I am quoting their phone rep, "we do not have to give you any specials since there are no competitors in your area."
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