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Can't decide: Denon, Onkyo or B&K receiver..use of external EQ a factor  

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I am trying to decide between an Onkyo 989 (or Integra), Denon 5800, or B&K AVR307 (or some other similar flagship receiver.) I own two pro-audio computer controlled Rane EQ's, and I seems the Onkyo is the only one I could use them with.

System description:

5 Tannoy 6.5" dual concentric drivers in custom in-wall (or ceiling for rears) enclosures.

2 Magnapan di-pole side surrounds

RCA DTC-100 for HDTV/TV/DSS tuning (toslink audio) - BTW, has anyone noticed if this has lower quality sound than some other DSS tuners?

Pioneer Elite DV-F07 301 disc DVD changer, 96/24 out possible

Now using Lexicon DC-1 v3.0 DTS pre/pro w/ cheap Carver 5x 100 watt amp

I think something is wrong with the Lex, since it dumped all my settings once after a storm and has not had the same punch or seperation since, even after I reset everything to my settings. I also put the DCT-100 in the system then for primary TV source, using Logic 7. I am not satisfied with the sound. I would fix the Lex, but I also really want a more current device and hate my amp. I could use 2-way RS-232 control on the new receivers, since I have a Crestron control system. I also want more digital inputs that the 4 I have now, EX 6.1, and future upgradability.

The dilema is: since most people here prefer the sound of the B&K and Denon to the Onkyo, but the Onkyo is the only one of the three that has (some) pre-out/main in jacks, it is the only one I can use the EQ's I already have with. I want to use the EQs to tame room interactions and tune the system to my space. I have a mono 28 band and a 4 channel by 7 band Rane. I hate to waste them. Do you think the sound is so much better on the Denon or B&K that they will sound better as-is VS. an Onkyo properly EQ'd to my room? They also both cost more. Are there any other flagship receivers I'm missing that can take an EQ and sound better than the Onkyo? I think upgrading the Lex and the amp to stick with seperates is overkill with my in-wall speakers anyway, but do want to consider all options. Also, the Onkyo has AV Sync delay, which my lex has and I use to compensate for my line doubler sometimes. BTW, video performance or switching is not a factor as I have a seperate Extron RGB/video 12x8 matrix for that. Any advise is appreciated. Sorry so long winded!
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The B&K has some amazing eq features of its own built in. I would take
a look deep into the menu and see if it is what you are looking for.

I set one up this past week and the client had bad vibrations in the 75-80HZ range, so I was able to tame them by lowering the outut of that frequency range 6db.


Dan Henderson
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Denon has 8 analog ins & outs.

B&K probably has better PC controlability.

I would take your question over to:

for more complete answers.

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Could you please tell us more about the EQ features of the AVR 307 and how flexible it is? Is there some sort of parametric EQ section built in? Im quite intersted in this piece.

Thanks in advance.
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