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How is Polk Audio?

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Im looking to get their component MMC6500 system:


and a Polk MM2124DVC sub:


Now is Polk a good car audio brand? Should get some Kicker or Eclipse system instead? Thanks!
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The comp are ok, but you can get better sub for the price of that, and yes polk is a great car audio brand
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JL, there's nothing better IMO!
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I just bought the 6500's and a pair of 6x9's, they get installed the end of the week. I listened to jbl, infinity, polk, kicker, and pioneer. The local shops here didn't have JL Audio, Focal, or MB Quart so I didn't get a chance to hear those.

I think the Polks sounded wonderful, I'll know how they sound in the car then end of this week or beginning of next when I have them installed. I already have a Memphis Audio Sub so I didn't demo those.
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I hear they are pretty good...
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I have mine installed now. I'm still on the factory head unit for now and I think they sound great. The amps and the new headunit get installed tuesday so that should make a big difference.

I'm very happy with the sound quality of the speakers.
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let us know what you think, the amp should take you to a new level
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Amp and headunit installed. I am so happy with the sound quality. Now I will stress listen to the speakers yourself before you buy. I just got the car back a few hours ago, I've listend to a little bit of everything. I have an iPod but ended up pulling out my CD's because I could tell the stuff that was below 192 bit rate. I would say very detailed and a smooth natural sound. High hat and cymbols not falling off, vocals are smooth.

I may have gone overboard with the bass. I bought a JBL GTO300.1 to drive my 12" dvc Memphis Studio sub. It's hitting really hard so I've got it turned down quite a bit, to level things out.

I would highly recommend these speakers to anyone that likes the way Polk Speakers sound.
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Polk is great. I have Polk all around in my van. Sounds great.
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Agree. Impressive sound
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I have always been a fan of polk audio, been a long time since I have installed any, but definitely decent.
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Polk is alright, but like symon_say said you could get a better sub for that price, but all that matters if your happy, so enjoy it.
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