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What size component rack for Denon 5800?  

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I am looking for a component rack for my Denon 5800. The manual sugests haveing atleast 4 inches from top, back and sides. I have found a component rack with the back open, glass door front. It would allow for 1 1/2" on sides, over 6" open on top and about 3" in back.

What experience have others have with Denon 5800 and heat? Do I really need 4" open on sides?

Thanks for any help,

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Although I don't have the 5800, I would say that most components will be better off with the all the air flow that you can offer, i.e. keeping the heat down will benefit most equipment. Therefore, I would recommend that you go with some kind of open type rack, i.e. open on all four sides, like ones made by Lovan, Billy Bags, Salamander, etc... However, it does sound like the rack that you are thinking about is open in the back, so that will help.
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Hi, Jym:

I have the 5800 in a Mid-Atlantic Slim 5 equipment rack. I have the side panels installed but the front and back are open. The 5800 is near the top of the rack with a CD rack installed above it. This rack is only about 6" deep and open behind.

I haven't had any problems with overheating. I know the 5800 is thermally protected so if it does overheat it will switch off.

You might look at the rack you are considering and see if you can install an updraft fan in the top. You would need to have the bottom of the cabinet open as well. This would create a chimney effect that would cool all the equipment in the rack.

Good luck.

Stephen Couch
2000 FLHRI
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Hi Stephen,
I'm getting the Denon AVR 5800 and a Middle Atlantic AX-S in-wall rack. I will be putting a wood pocket door in front of the rack. How much do the 5800 knobs protrude forward from the edge of the rack so I can recesss the rack back enough to be able to close the door infront of it. I read in another forum that that was a problem in installation that we should plan for if the rack is not to ne left open.


Farid Muakkassa
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