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Originally Posted by MediaDogg View Post

Actually much better. MS fixed all those nasty IO hangs and errors. Just plug it in and play. Unplug, plug all day long. No hangs. All built-in, no drivers to install. New in the box, eh? Gonna be worth something, I betcha!

Sweet... I'll have to dig it out!
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Originally Posted by MediaDogg View Post

Sorry, I forgot all about this thread. Posted some recent activities here.

I did pick up a DVP-CX960 for under $600 when Amazon was promoting them. I think they are now officially reduced. But I have discovered that you can't program it to go to a disk - not even with IR commands. I'm sure it was not an accident on Sony'spart. The $1800 one can take both RS232 and IP commands, but to spend that money just to select a disk? So, I'll keep up my quest on the XL1B2 - I want to access data!

I add the zipped .exe of 060x if you are still interesed. Hasn't been touched in a long while, and somehow the icon got changed - I have no idea how, but the one I've attached is the one on my desktop that I always use.

Thanks, good to know you are doing swell.
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Any idea if the ripping script will work on win7?
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Well, I tried that batch and it errors out pretty much immediately on Win7. Says unexpected <. Sadly I don't know enough to make it work. Anyone ever try batch ripping from Win7?
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So I keep poking and poking but can't get batch ripping to work in Win7 MyMovies doesn't seem to support it, MCE is so weird on Win7 with how it controls it. I just wish there was ONE simple solution. I am tempted to load up a WinXp machine just to try and do the ripping. If I do go that route, what do I need? Do I have to have MCE or can I use some of the software posted here to use it without MCE?
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Originally Posted by chris_b_owens View Post

First let me appologize in advance if I skipped over the answer.

Here is my system:

Sony VAIO VGX-XL1 Digital Living System with Windows 7 Home Premium
(all latest updates)
Asus Nvidia GeForce GT220 1gb (audio out via hdmi)
TMT3 Platinum, AnyDVD HD, Virtual Clone Drive, MyMovies 3.18
5 Sony VGP-XL1B 200 disc dvd changers
15 2tb hard drives in a Addonics 15bay hd tower for ripped blu rays

As you can see I have tons of hd space and would like to do a massive rip of all 1000 dvd's that I have in these 5 dvd changers. I have read a lot of these posts and some seem to be for different operating systems, some I cant find (like massdvdrip) and then some suggestions I simply just do not understand.

My question is: Is there a program I can use to rip all of my dvd's to .iso files using my changers?

I have tried to use mediadogg's program but it will not start. I gives me an error and shuts down.

Chris, I've been trying for weeks and have had very mediocre success on Win7.
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Just in case anyone is developmentally breathing and is still dependent on these awesome devices...

i have 5 vgp-xl1b's on xp and both apps (freechng and gui 058) run beautifully if i have 3 changers connected, but when the 4th AND/OR 5th changer get connected, the apps hang and give buggy errors...(latest freechng and latest gui)

gui 058 doesn't even list all changers when more than 3 are in the system and the one that does show up is not controllable.

freechng when selecting any changer but the first listed changer in dropdown...
"freechng" error window ---------- " is not a valid integer value ----------

if i run only 3 changers at a time, i can manipulate any without errors. All are running latest firmware and run great with imgburn.

I have been running beautifully in xp mce sp3...i run wunkoNAS (with quite a bit of wunkonas config manipulation (issues with number of changers present, but serves from all after indexing completed) and I usually use au3 scripts with the mediachanger.exe app to do mass commands.

my biggest use of freechng is for the onboard index control (NVRAM) it offers. the gui is nice, but rarely used for much.
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I do hate to revive an old thread, but hate to see this get pushed back for so long.

After months of bidding I was finally able to win won of these on ebay so I can rip the wifes cd collection to mp3 (and now my mom wanted hers done) without taking a year to do so.

As far as I know, nothing else at this pricepoint really exists for this type of device and just wanted to see if anything new had gone on with them.
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I hope you can help, here is the issue. I run a VGP-Xl1b with Windows 7. it worked fine for awhile but at some point the software stopped recognizing audio CD's. I can load and recognize DVD's but ripping audio is a hit and miss pain. A friend sent me to your website and I loaded GUI-056x and 058x hoping to find an easy way to rip CD's. With no instructions I'm finding it difficult to get this thing working. Do I download some of the other programs, how do I get CD's to batch rip or even to single rip. What am I missing, I have tried searching this thread but thats a lot of information to sift through. I'm an old paratrooper my selector switch operates best on "simple". What ya got for me.
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