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Linux friendly analog tuner card recommendations?

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Hi folks, I'm putting together a newer HTPC from my old workstation and would like a recommendation for a analog tuner card. I know the Hauppauge cards are tried and true, just curious if anything else out there is better. I need something PCI based, uses hardware encoding, and preferably under $150 for the card and a remote, and of course is fully supported in Linux.

Thanks for any advice
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Hauppage PVR-150, PVR-350, PVR-500 (dual tuner) would be my recommendations. The 350 has hardware encoding and decoding... You can buy these in various packages with and without remotes from many places. I wouldn't look any further...
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That's kind of what I was thinking, I just see a lot of various tuner cards available, but with analog on the way out I haven't been able to find any up to date reviews on alternatives other than ATI, which don't seem to be as Linux friendly.
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Look on Snapstream Beyond TV website at their forums. They chronicle serious unsolved and partially solved PQ problems with Hauppage PVR-500. Looks like serious BT users are seriously dissatisfied with the 500 since they switched tuner sources
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I had two 500's. while they work with linux, I think the picture and audio quality is terrible. The picture was grainy, and the audio would clip on certain channels. This is with ubuntu and mce 2k5.

I ended up replacing them with nvidia dualtv's which are much, much better but not supported in linux.
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So the PVR-150 is still the best bet it seems. I'm looking at the PVR-150 #1042 since I'd like the FM tuner, which the other models don't have, but is the FM tuner and the sound inputs supported well in Linux with say MythTV? Also any recommendations on a remote?

Thanks for your help so far fellas
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I've tried several different types of tuners - but always come back to the PVR 150 for analog.

Stay clear of ATI - their stuff just isn't going to work as you'd like it to.

For HD, I'd recommend the air2pc hd5000. Hardware PID filtering means you can use it on a lower endish system like mine (athlon XP 2500). And its got a better QAM tuner in it than the one in my comcast set top box.
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My vote for the PVR-150.

ONE CAUTION - I read somewhere that Hauppage is shipping a newer card in the PVR-150 boxes; this card is _not_ supported by a linux driver. You should research this before buying.

I don't know what distribution you're using (or planning to use) but as of Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty), the PVR-150 and Myth are literally Plug-N-Play. The 150 is automatically detected, installed, and live with the initial install (no setup required, not even installing the drivers from the repository). MythTV works immediately after installing from the repository (and rebooting).

This is a huge step from the prior version (6.10 Edgy) where I spent weeks trying to set up a DVR.

The LIRC package in Ubuntu is easy to set up (minimal command line usage) and supports many remotes including the Hauppage one that comes with the PVR-150, and the X-10 / ATI Remote Wonder (which I have).

Of course, gov_coders post makes me want to get an HD tuner now
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