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Moderator request: Please read BEFORE you Post !  

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AVS members

We have received so many reports of inappropriate posts and posters that we need to tell you that a crackdown is underway: this means you could be suspended or banned from posting on AVS if you violate the rules

Please consider this a warning and a request to follow AVS rules

And please remember if you see an inappropriate post: do not respond to it: report it to the mods to handle

Thank you and please remember: Take the High Road in Every Post

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Welcome to the AVS HDTV Forums:

special rules apply to posting here: please observe them:

-No bashing other members
-Please no fighting or trolling
-if you disagree with something posted: challenge the information; not the poster
-make sure your information is accurate; cite the facts on which you base your post: if it is your opinion, qualify it as such
-are you an industry insider? identify yourself as such and do not use AVS to bash your competition

AVS is a technical forum: we expect posters to maintain a high techical and ethical standard in your posts

AVS has Moderators who volunteer to enforce these rules: Moderators can edit or delete your post and even recommend the suspension of posters who continually violate AVS rules

If you see a post that violates rules or is spam, contains bashing, trolling, etc: please do not respond to it: use the 'report this post to a Moderator' button and let the mods handle it
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Please DON'T mention the name of HDM vendors shipping early

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Posting Rules For The HD Disc Areas Effective 11/9/07 - Updated 11/10/07

AVS Forum is first and foremost the place for help and support of our home theater gear. It never was intended to be a place where a "war" is fought over a new format. In fact the site is known as the place for early adopters to talk about new gear and coming technology.

In keeping with the spirit of what the site is about, we are going to set some ground rules when using the sections of the site that can easily become an issue place between members. You may not like it, you may think we are not allowing some information when we should, thats fine, you have a right to your thoughts. However please understand, we choose what we think is best for this site. Posting here is not a given right and you are free to find other places with less restrictions.

So along these lines, we feel the following information does not have a need to be on this site and will be removed as reported or seen.

Number of player units sold.
Number of disc titles and format types sold.
(Now restricted as it seems people do not even agree where the numbers come from.)

"X is winning" type posts.
"I support X so deal with it."
No Trolling or posting just inciting others.
Accusing of someone of being a paid shill. (If you have proof, show us.)
Posting of information that can not be verified but is stated as fact. (Proof?)
Attacking another site for their thoughts on the subject.
Attacking other members of the press or media.
Promoting other sites.
No petitions posts.
No "Buy Days" to support going out to purchase on a certain day.
As always, no hacking chat.

Looks like a lot, sure. But we believe the above are some of the items that make it worse on this site for it's members who then get into back and forth over it. Some of the above are worse than others, some just really have no place here. Their are other sites that allow it, this is not one. Moderators will try to be fair and objective. It is not the letter of the law, but more the spirit of the rule. We do what we can.

What can you chat about? Here is a simple example...

Need help with a player?
Have an issue with a title playing?
Talk about the movies and quality in the proper area.
Technical aspects
Updates, Patches
Being helpful to others when you can be.

All in all no real need to attack each other, for remember, it is one thing to debate and another thing to attack. You can chat about the formats without getting into personal attacks and the "who is winning". We want these AVS sections to again be under control and helpful to it's members and guests. (and the industry for technical issues and what have you.)

Please also be aware that this also applies to signatures and private messages.

What will happen if someone continues this on the site? Account Suspensions, Accounts Banned, IP's Banned and ISP's notified if needed, and for the worst offenders, all posts made to this site, even if thousands, removed for the member. Please note...THIS IS YOUR ONLY NOTICE ON THIS.

We will not allow for the debating of the rules on the site. This will be modified as needed.

So, please be so kind to use this site as it is intended or take a time out to watch a movie on your format of choice.

Thank you.
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