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Def Tech BP1x's  

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I am thinking of going with these for the rears on my setup. I have a fairly modest HT but I like what I read from people that use a bipolar rear ( I want a more diffused rear sound )

I also know that I would have been better served by using Definitive Tech speakers with the rest of my HT but I had to limit my spending. Consequently I have a pair of Kef Coda 8's as front L/R and a Kef Q100 Reference centre. I am building this as funds will allow so after I get my rears I will be saving for the sub (which I will probably ask about as well).

Can anyone advise me on whether the BP1x's would work well with this combination? The reason I am not going with Kef rears is because (as far as I am aware) they don't do a bipolar rear speaker and I have read glowing reports about the Definitive gear.

Can anyone also tell me if it is correct that in order for bipolars to work as is intended they should be mounted 2' above the listeners head?

Thanks to all for this GREAT site.

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I have the BP2X's and just love them. IMHO bipolar sound is the way to go for surrounds. You definitely get a much more enveloping soundfield, but some people prefer direct radiating speakers for 5.1.

I placed mine on the side walls directly even with my sitting position and about 3' above. I have used them with a variety of speakers, and they have blended well. Of course I now have a complete Def Tech speaker system which works best.

I now have them set to large and crossed over at 80hz to my rear sub: a Pro Sub 100. It's amazing how much bass is in the rear channels! But whether you set them up this way or set them to small, they will sound very nice. They are built well and can take much power; I've never had any problems with them at all in 3 years of use.

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I also like the bipoler Dev Tech speakers.
I utilize PB2s for side surrounds (SL & SR)3' above the main chairs, and BP30s in each courner (FL, FR, RL, & RR). CLR2000 (FC) and CLR1000 (RC) round off the eight channels. I also use Mirage BP400 bipoler subs. For SACDs I use two Thiel 3.6 direct radiating speakers. (Bipoler speakers are not for all source media.)
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Like Pete, I too have the BP2X's in the rear and absolutely love them. I have them mounted slightly behind the prime listening position and about 2' above ear level.


You've got a rear sub?!?!?!? Which L/R are you using? (I've got the 2002's and haven't even bothered with a front sub). You must get thundering bass with that setup!

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Actually, I get fairly well integrated bass. I use my Velodyne HGS 12 for LFE only and set all other speakers to large ( I use the Prosub 100 for my surrounds).
Pros: you get bass when and where you need it, and it produces a much more open and balanced soundfield. My system never sounds boomy and sounds pretty effortless.

Cons: it's hell to set up!!! You have to get all the bass levels in all the speakers set just right. Turn the bass too high in one speaker and it begins to cancel out the bass of one or more speakers. In fact most of the mistakes I made early on were in turning the bass levels up way too high. Also, the phase of my subwoofer had to be inverted in relation to the Def Techs because the Velodyne was being canceled out ( standing bass waves can be a pain in the a_ _!).

All in all, I now have a very dynamic and effortless sounding system. I think in the area of home theater/audio Def Tech makes excellent speakers for the price. Oh sure, there are better audiophile speakers out there, but how many speakers can serve double duty equally as well for the price.
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