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Digital Recording Software Help Needed  

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If this is the wrong place for this really I'm sorry, but I have been around AVS for a long time now and I always find tons of knowledge here including topics that are not main stream "Home Theater" topics.

Anyway here is my question - I recently purchased a digital multi- track recorder (Korg D8) and it's a really great recording tool. I now want to be able to take my masterpieces (HA) and get them in my computer to burn onto CD as normal red book audio files. The Korg unit will output a two channel (stereo) signal via either standard analog RCA jacks or via an optical SPDIF output. My choice would be to keep the signal in the digital domain and use the SPDIF. I have a DCPro 24/96 sound card (M-Audio Dio 24/96) which has an optical input so I think from the hardware side I'm all set. But from a recording software side I think I'm lost. Should I just use the stupid little windows applet "Sound Recorder" and if so it creates a WAV file which I'm not sure will be compatable with a normal CD player.

Just to be clear I have recorded several songs that will be used as a demo CD to get gigs. These demo CD's need to be in a standard format that will play in ANY cd player, not MP3's of WAV's that need to be played on a PC.

Any help here would be great and again if this is the wrong place for this kind of question but you know where I should ask it that info would be great as well.

From Deep in the woods of Charlton, MA - Rich
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Rich, I have a Tascam 788. WinAmp works better than the Windows stuff, but you should check out Sonic Foundry, Cubasis, or CoolEditPro.

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I don't know about the others in Aslan's post, but CoolEditPro handles 24/96 natively, if that matters, does 64-track mixing and mixes down to 16/44.1 stereo.
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