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Ultimate PC Speaker

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I see these last weekend while in Montreal at an audio show there.
Extremely stylish and very good sounding. About $1200 MSRP.

matching sub: http://www.fergusonhill.co.uk/product_details.php?id=8

The Big guys:

- Andy
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They forgot a very important part of the equation:

(sorry, couldn't resist!)
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While it looks very cool (stealing the design from Apple, and all), I think I prefer my Genelec Nearfields for my computer sound needs. Sorry :-)
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Dynaudio has some new multimedia speakers which look really neat.

For serious setups from a PC, just going a full stereo setup would probably be the ticket, or powered monitors, so I don't really feel the need for having a distinct category for "PC systems," because really it's just a stereo with a PC as a source, perhaps among other sources.
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Agreed, rather than "PC speakers" , maybe call the genre "small lifestyle" speakers ..... of very high quality.

- Andy
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I wonder how well these $1200 speakers stack up against similarly priced and sized mini monitors with low powered amplifcation (T-amp?). I'd be willing to bet that a traditionally boxed mini monitor would sound "better" Even from a pratical point of view, cleaning off the dust would appear to be a chore. On the surface, its style is its only really strong suit.
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really it's just a stereo with a PC as a source

The difference is that stereos are typically made for filling a large room, whereas you typically sit maybe 3' away from the PC screen (and thus, typically, from the speakers). That's why I like powered near-field monitors for PC usage.
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