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Originally Posted by rebkell View Post

I'll try to catch an episode of Damages..

Do yourself a favor and start from the beginning.
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Nielsen Notes
'Lost' most popular online show
By James Hibberd, The Hollywood Reporter, in his LiveFeed blog, February 12, 2009

Making its first public release of individual online program rankings, Nielsen announced that ABC's "Lost" was the most popular program on the Web in December.

That's particularly impressive given that "Lost" wasn't even on TV in December.

Episodes of "Lost" were streamed by 1.4 unique visitors during the survey period, with NBC's Saturday Night Live was a close second (1.1 million), followed by ABC's Grey's Anatomy (879,000).

"SNL" was likely actually first, however, since Nielsen's survey included ABC.com, CBS Television, CWTV.com, FOX Broadcasting and NBC.com but did not factor Hulu.com, where "SNL" is often the most popular show. Hulu, explains Nielsen, "currently does not report VideoCensus data at the program level, and include unique viewers who viewed a full episode." If that's accurate, one suspect Hulu's reporting ability might quickly upgrade once Nielsen's "'Lost' is most popular online series" report gets some media play.

The Top 10 List:
1 Lost ABC.com 1,425,000
2 Saturday Night Live NBC.com 1,111,000
3 Grey's Anatomy ABC.com 879,000
4 Desperate Housewives ABC.com 723,000
5 Heroes NBC.com 685,000
6 Ugly Betty ABC.com 631,000
7 Samantha Who? ABC.com 560,000
8 Scrubs ABC.com 519,000
9 Survivor CBS Television 496,000
10 True Beauty ABC.com 462,000

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Originally Posted by rebkell View Post

I just don't get all this grainy stuff, it's almost definitely an intentional look, the worst show I ever watched was the short-lived Canterbury's Law w/Julianna Margulies, that was absolutely horrid to my eye. I'll try to catch an episode of Damages, but from my memory it's always been grainy/scratchy looking.

Haven't seen Damages but I do remember noticing that about snippets of Cantebury's Law that in DVR padding.

I'm not so sure it's always intentional. Worst case I ever saw was ABC's Raisin in the Sun last year. It looked like it was shot in HD analog. There was even one zoom in it that was clearly a digital zoom of a freeze frame, complete with frozen analog snow. No way that was intentional, it was just cheap.

Note that this is NOT the same effect that you see with CSI-style flashback sequences.
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Originally Posted by LL3HD View Post

Do yourself a favor and start from the beginning.

It's just not my thing, I probably watched 2/3 of season 1, just couldn't get into it. I've tried a couple of times to get into it, but just didn't work for me, it was the same for Friday Night Lights, everybody raved about it, but I just never could really get into it.
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Damages was more complex than most shows. This season, I've been saving them all up for a marathon.
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I am doing the same, CP95.
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TV Notes
On The Air Tonight
Some Thursday Basic Cable HD First-Run, Prime-Time Options

A & E
The First 48 HD
The Beast HD

Animal Planet
Animal Armageddon: Death Rays HD

Discovery Channel
Treasure Quest: Turning Lead Into Gold HD

College Basketball: Louisville at Notre Dame HD
College Basketball: UCLA at Arizona State HD

Street Customs: Road to SEMA HD
Heli-Loggers: The Greenhorn and the Beast HD

NBA: Miami at Chicago HD
NBA: Boston at Dallas HD

Burn Notice HD
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Originally Posted by fredfa View Post

TV Notes
On The Air Tonight
Thursday's Network Prime-Time Programming Options

(Reminder: If you are recording these programs, check your network listings for precise start/end times. For PBS, please double check your local listings.)

Survivor: Tocantins (season premiere) HD
8:30 How I Met Yout Mother (R) HD

I'm pretty sure Survivor is an hour long.
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College Football TV Notes:

USC/Ohio State to ESPN, Texas Tech/Texas moves date

The college football season may be months away, but rematches of last season's two highest-rated regular season games have already been slotted for national TV.

The September 12 rematch between USC and Ohio State will air in prime time, but not on ABC. Because ABC will be televising a NASCAR race that night, ESPN will air the big game. With ESPN grabbing the rights to the BCS, this may be the start of a trend of ESPN airing more of the marquee regular season games than corporate sibling ABC.

Last year's Ohio State/USC tilt drew a 7.0/13 rating on ABC.

The very next week, ABC will air a rematch of last season's highest rated game on the network. Texas Tech/Texas has been moved up from its original November 7 date to September 19, and will air at 8 PM on ABC, as part of the network's Saturday Night Football package.

Last year's Texas/Texas Tech game also aired on ABC in prime time, and drew a 7.5 rating.

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Originally Posted by fredfa View Post

I am doing the same, CP95.

Me three. There's just too much good stuff on right now; something has to get postponed for leaner times. For me, it's this show and 'Big Love'. The fact that I still don't have FX-HD means a whole season worth of SD episodes of 'Damages' takes up very little DVR room. Plus, I'm less likely to complain about the graininess of the PQ as some have done here if I'm watching a crappy picture to begin with.

It's a fantastic show. But it does require more of the viewer to follow the plotlines, as these great serial shows do. No more than a good legal potboiler novel, though.
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You are correct, David. Thanks for catching the editing error.

Originally Posted by David Ortiz View Post

I'm pretty sure Survivor is an hour long.
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TV Notes
Joanna Pacitti pulled from 'American Idol'
Singer disqualified after link to 19 Ent. execs is revealed
By Nellie Andreeva, The Hollywood Reporter, Feb 12, 2009

It wouldn't be an "American Idol" season without a little controversy.

Early judges favorite Joanna Pacitti has been removed from the competition even though Wednesday night's episode showed her advance through the semifinals despite fumbling the lyrics of all three songs during Hollywood Week.

"It has been determined that Joanna Pacitti is ineligible to continue in the competition," Fox's Wednesday night press release announcing the semifinalists said.

Pacitti was an early target of outrage among "Idol" fans, who complained that she didn't fit within the amateur singing competition status of the show with previous record label deal, an album and music videos -- a throwback to Season 7's Carly Smithson who made it to the top six last year.

But sources said it was ultimately Pacitti's recently revealed friendship with executives from Simon Fuller's 19 Entertainment, which co-produces "Idol," that got her the boot after she failed to disclose it.

Pacitti is not the first "Idol" contestant to face an untimely exit from the show. An early front-runner in Season 2, Frenchie Davis, was disqualified after making it to the semifinals when topless photos of her surfaced on an adult Web site. Corey Clark and twins Terrell and Derrell Brittenum were sent packing over criminal history.

Pacitti is being replaced by Felicia Barton, the mom who was sent home in the Wednesday episode.

Pacitti's exit is bound to keep fans buzzing at a key time for "Idol."

The singing competition usually takes a dip in the ratings in the first semi-final live shows. A little controversy could keep viewers interested through the "Idol" down time.

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Originally Posted by LL3HD View Post

I watch Damages on TWCNY and the picture quality is excellent.

Sure there are some gritty images but they are all by artistic choice.

They juxtapose many of those images with crisp colorful scenes. Her apartment and office cubicle, with the brilliant colors and patterns, are a fantastic backdrop for the suspense unfolding in the foreground.

I agree, the image style is perfect for this show. Not all HD has to be like a Discovery nature program to look good.
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Originally Posted by fredfa View Post

Late Show' Marred By Bizarre Phoenix Interview

Hardly. Phoenix has never done a particularly comfortable interview on Letterman as far as I'm aware. They know full well that he's gone someplace different than the rest of us lately, and the interview was exactly what Letterman wanted - IMHO.
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Originally Posted by CPanther95 View Post

Damages was more complex than most shows. This season, I've been saving them all up for a marathon.

I am also... I found last season that I missed a bunch of nuances in the story line waiting from week to week.
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Originally Posted by HDTVChallenged View Post

I don't see how you could assume that. There's still the part where the brothers 'Chaffee' finally get caught and thrown in jail. If one were to assume the series is mirroring the real life story, that is.

Yep, in a cell next to Buddy Cianci.
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TV Notes
FX Orders Sixth Season Of 'Rescue Me'
Denis Leary also launching 'Rescue Me' Comedy Tour
By Alex Weprin, Broadcasting & Cable, February 12, 2009

FX is bringing Denis Leary’s firefighter drama Rescue Me back for a sixth season, the network said Thursday.

Leary will also launch the Rescue Me Comedy Tour, in an effort to promote season five of the series which bows April 7, and to raise money for his charity The Leary Firefighters Foundation.

The tour will present the first episode of season five and will feature stand-up from leary and Rescue co-stars Lenny Clarke and Adam Ferrara, as well as other guests.

“Rescue Me is one of the very best series on television and a tentpole program for FX,” said FX president John Landgraf, announcing the pickup. “We’re amazed by the quality of episodes for the upcoming fifth season, which are some of the best they’ve ever produced. I believe this show will continue to maintain a level of excellence for several years to come and we’re thrilled to pick it up for a sixth season.”

FX will be cutting the number of episodes for season six however, bringing it down to 18 from the 22 for season five.

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(From Marc Berman’s February 12, 2008, Programming Insider newsletter at Mediaweek.com)
Wednesday’s Final Nielsens

(Posted by Travis Yanan)

American Idol (120 minutes)
- 24.825 million viewers
- 14.0/22 HH
- 9.5/23 A18-49

Criminal Minds
- 12.476 million viewers
- 8.0/12 HH
- 3.0/7 A18-49

- 11.939 million viewers
- 7.6/13 HH
- 3.1/8 A18-49

Knight Lost (62 minutes)
- 9.820 million viewers
- 5.7/9 HH
- 4.4/10 A18-49

Law & Order
- 7.436 million viewers
- 5.0/8 HH
- 2.0/5 A18-49

Old Christine
- 6.872 million viewers
- 4.2/7 HH
- 1.9/5 A18-49

Gary Unmarried
- 6.540 million viewers
- 4.2/6 HH
- 2.1/5 A18-49

- 5.482 million viewers
- 3.5/5 HH
- 1.3/3 A18-49

Life on Mars (58 minutes)
- 4.628 million viewers
- 3.0/5 HH
- 1.6/4 A18-49
*might as well just air another Lost repeat...*

- 4.591 million viewers
- 3.2/5 HH
- 1.3/3 A18-49

Lost (R, 8pm)
- 4.307 million viewers
- 2.9/5 HH
- 1.6/4 A18-49

Privileged (R)
- 1.018 million viewers
- 0.7/1 HH
- 0.4/1 A18-49
- 0.5/1 A18-34

90210 (R)
- 0.876 million viewers
- 0.6/1 HH
- 0.4/1 A18-49
- 0.6/1 A18-34

Source: Nielsen Media Research data (R = repeat)



Note: Previous overnight ratings are available at Marc Berman’s Programmers Insider blog:

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Originally Posted by AAF View Post

Hardly. Phoenix has never done a particularly comfortable interview on Letterman as far as I'm aware. They know full well that he's gone someplace different than the rest of us lately, and the interview was exactly what Letterman wanted - IMHO.

Land of the Lost?

My wife and I couldn't decide whether that was a put-on, in the spirit of Andy Kaufman, or whether he was "serious". Looking at the clip, it seemed he was about to laugh at Letterman's comments---but was trying to hold it back to stay in character.

Either that or he needs some serious therapy. In any case, it provided Dave with some great lines.
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I've seen it reported other places that Casey Affleck is following him around with a camera crew.
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Originally Posted by foxeng View Post

The point I was making is there was no "bipartisanship" to it.

Yes, and I disagreed, and highlighted the changes made that bill bipartisan in nature.
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Originally Posted by fredfa View Post

TV Notes
On The Air Tonight
Thursday's Network Prime-Time Programming Options

The 40th NAACP Image Awards HD

chris brown is actually up for an "image" award....that would be a kicker huh ?
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TV Notes
USA cancels 'The Starter Wife'
By Michael Ausiello, EW.com - February 12, 2009

USA Network has filed for divorce from The Starter Wife, citing irreconcilable ratings.

When the Debra Messing-fronted Wife debuted in 2007 as a six-hour miniseries, it attracted more than 5 million viewers and went on to earn 10 Emmy nominations. However, ratings for its 10-episode first season averaged just 2.4 million viewers -- a decent number by most cable standards, but not for USA, where its top shows (Burn Notice, Monk) regularly pull in around 6 million.

In an exclusive statement, USA called Starter Wife a "critical and creative success," and added that the Dec. 12 season finale served as a "satisfying conclusion" to the franchise.

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HDTV Notes
Sunday's 'Simpsons' Goes HD, Updates Title Sequence
By Josef Adalian, TV Week - February 12, 2009

"The Simpsons" is finally going HD—and, in what some fans might consider an even bigger development, getting a new opening title sequence as well.

Both events will take place Sunday, Fox said during a promo for "The Simpsons" that aired as part of Wednesday night's "American Idol." The network actually made a low-key announcement of the news late last month, casually mentioning the developments as part of its episodic listings of various shows.

According to Fox, Sunday's "Simpsons"—entitled "Take My Life, Please"—will include the first full, permanent revamp of the show's opening titles since its premiere in 1989. The last few seconds of the title sequence have long featured a different weekly "couch gag." Fox also airs both a full-length and an abbreviated version of the credits.

While "The Simpsons" has never aired in high-def, Sunday's episode won't be the first time fans of the show have been able to see Homer and Co. in their full digital splendor on television. HBO aired "The Simpsons Movie" in HD last year.

While most live-action scripted network shows now air in HD, animation hasn't been as quick to make the leap, although that's starting to change. The producers of "South Park" recently announced their Comedy Central series would go HD starting with its 13th season, which bows March 11.

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Nielsen Notes (Cable)
Demetri Martin debut tops Comedy Central's chart
From James Hibberd's Hollywood Reporter 'Live Feed' Blog - February 12, 2009

... and now here's a chart of Demetri Martin beating Jon Stewart (click link below).

Comedy Central's “Important Things With Demetri Martin" was the network's most-watched series premiere since “Chappelle’s Show” in 2003.

The comedian's Wednesday night debut (clip below) drew 2.4 million viewers and a 1.5 rating among adults 18-49. The adult demo number was the highest since 2003's "Reno 911!" and "Things" was the fourth-highest-rated program of the night across all of cable. In fact, Martin's premiere drew bigger numbers than its lead-out, "The Daily Show" (2.3 million, 1.2), where Martin used to appear as a "youth correspondent."

Martin's chart-flipping panel session was a hit at the January press tour, though his show has since drawn pretty mixed reviews. It will be interesting to see how next week fares.

Also Wednesday: Bravo's "Top Chef" (3.3 million, 1.8) is holding its season high and topped cable. MTV's "Real World" (0.9/2) fell to a season low.

Tuesday: MTV's new lineup: "T.I.'s Road to Redemption" (1.3 million, 0.7/2) opened strong, while "From G'S to Gents" (1.3 million, 0.6/2) was down 14% from its July premiere. Over on FX, "Nip/Tuck" (2.3 million, 1.3/3) topped cable.

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Originally Posted by bicker1 View Post

I don't have a strong feeling about the stimulus package, either way, but I think some comments in this thread are getting too political for this forum. To balance what foxeng has already said, it is clear that, for many Republicans, "bipartisanship" would involve the majority subjugating itself completely to the minority's wishes. The reality is that the Democrats did present a stimulus package with many things not present that, if the Democrats were just doing this all themselves, would surely have been there. As a fiscal conservative, I'm happy that many of those items were removed from the bill, and incensed by how some fiscal conservatives in Congress are responding with what I would consider a disingenuous, duplicitous reaction.

There has been bipartisanship on the part of the administration. It is perhaps time that we simply acknowledge that bipartisanship, itself, does not work because the party that is the minority in both houses of Congress is always better served by making it look like they were steamrolled.

PM sent.
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Thanks for your discretion, Dave.
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Thanks, dad, for filling in tonight while I was out.
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TV Notes
A ‘Genre Boy’ Returns to Television
From The New York Times, February 12, 2009

Joss Whedon, creator of cult favorite series such as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Firefly" and of the popular online musical "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog," answered reader questions about those projects and his new series, "Dollhouse," which has its premiere on Fox on Friday (related article).

Mr. Whedon spoke with The Times before a screening of "Dollhouse" Tuesday night at the Apple Store in SoHo.

You can hear his answers here:

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TV Notes
‘ET’ Dances Around O’Dell Casting on ‘Dancing’
By Andrew Krukowski, TV Week, February 12, 2009

The announcement of “Access Hollywood” host Nancy O’Dell joining the season’s “Dancing With the Stars” puts rival entertainment newsmagazine “Entertainment Tonight” in a precarious position.

“Stars” gets a large amount of coverage on “ET,” but Ms. O’Dell is the face of the competition. What to do?
If you’re “ET,” the answer appears to be: Refuse to cover it.

Stories on “Entertainment Tonight’s” site regarding this season’s “Dancing With the Stars” currently lack Ms. O’Dell’s name. She’s not even mentioned in the main article about the cast.

Ms. O’Dell’s absence also is notable in another story about who the cast is partnering up with this season.

“‘Dancing With the Stars’ has called 13 new celebrities to the dance floor and, for the first time, three real-life couples will battle in the ballroom—‘ET’ reveals the dance partner pairing,” reads the beginning of the story, but it then only lists 12 competitors. Guess who’s missing?

Typing “Nancy O’Dell” into the search box on etonline.com also turns up zero results.
An “Entertainment Tonight” representative had no comment.

For comparison’s sake, Warner Bros.’ “Extra” lists Ms. O’Dell in its story on the cast announcement, referring to her as a “TV personality.”

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